Build Shiney Brass Camera to Use Standard M42 Lenses on Posh Medium Format Film!




Introduction: Build Shiney Brass Camera to Use Standard M42 Lenses on Posh Medium Format Film!

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

so i wanted to use lenses for 35mm film on medium format film.not quite as straght forward as you might think, medium format film likes its lenses far away and 35mm film like to be close to its lens..i explored the possibility of making a panaramic shift and a blend, due to forces beyond my ability what i got is what it is.

here are some lists

brass from, car heater radiators,light switch faceplates, an exsecutive toy , part of a lens,some pipe ,a decorative plate and some clock parts.
some nuts and bolts
a lens mount
lead tin solder.
wire wool
fine sand paper
polish wadding and paste
stainless rod
rubber bungs

a lazer cutter would have been nice to get things accurate but i havnt got one so it wont be accurate.
blow torches large and small
tin snips
dremmel with cut off disks and sand drums
pipe cutter
paint brush

gas £3
decorative face plates£8 (b&q dont sell sheet brass)

Step 1: Get Something Shiney

heat it up and pull bits off.i was also playing with the idea of o rotating base, like the spinner camera.

notes on soldering
clean both pieces so there shiney bare metal apply flux where you want to solder,
big awkward shape?theres nothing stopping you from soldering part of the connection then the other end then joining it up. heat it and add solder till it flows in to the gap.
other times you might want to patch a hole in prevoius solder use less heat so its soft and push it into shape with a stick or something.try not to overheat so it all goes liquid and falls to bits.
put thin little bits of material onto big thick bits of material , this stops your previous work from self destructing :-)
the fumes are toxic

Step 2: Is It Still a Slit Scan Style

at the moment yes, the executive spinny round toy had to become rectangular.and being short of sheet brass i had to buy some but b&q are useless sometimes so i had make do with light switch blanking plates, check that a magnet does not stick befor you buy

luckily my m42 lens mount was a brass like material under a chrome/stainless finish not all metals like to stick together,i attached it to the part of a lens screw.(a piece from inside a lens i broke ages ago)

if there are materials that dont want to stick together (so i found with the stainless steel rods)build the solder up around it so it just gets in the way of it falling off.

Step 3: Blender Style Film Plate Installd

trying to get the hight right for the spools required adjustment,heating thing up and other bits fall off, the distance between the film and the lens mount flange should be 45.46mm.

getting the film drive gear to run smooth with the rotating base worked briefly then insisted on jamming going wonkey and genrally being a pain in the backside

so i ditched the spinny bit of tyhe idea, and went fore something more conventional.

Step 4: So a Shutter It Is

but this is not just any shutter this shutter is capable of being a slit also, the downside is its quite slow,requires two hands to fire it, its made of mostly lead so it shakes a bit, but apart from these minor issues its flawless.

Step 5: The Film Plane

so seeing as iv got a shutter that opens and such it only seems fitting that i hold the film flat ish behind the lens, as im not using a pinhiole the tolerences of the film distance are a bit tight, ithe film goes round the shutter side of the verticle tubeand the horizontal tubes help to keep the film from bowing towards the lens.

Step 6: Manual Wind Oh Go on Then

hammering out more material to make the sides, and i cut up a decorative brass tray plate thing to make the back , the plate thing had a edge solderd on which came in handy to make the edges overlap providing a light seal.
mirror plates bent and a butterfly nut hold the back on. bolts lock the spools in place on the drive pegs

Step 7: Clean It Up

removing excess lumps of material to tidy haha it up
an angle grinder is a bit excessive but it it is also quick;
. made something fitting to use as the shutter pulls. chuck some paint on. and i put some felt on the shutter to make it light proof when shut.

Step 8: The Test Roll

lack of label mystery film . made by ilford. focus was set at infinity to 5m. i think the film is bowing toward the lens.some modifications to go.

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    riff raff
    riff raff

    9 years ago on Introduction

    What is this "film" media you speak of?? lol.

    Hard to find film developers around here, nowadays.