Pen Hanging



Introduction: Pen Hanging

when ink is over, don't throw the pen. use and throw pens can be used as decorative piece.
i had made a pen hanging using all old used pens which looks like wind chime and can be hanged anywhere in the room.

Step 1: Step 1. Requirements

8 ice cream sticks.
old pens (which are no longer in use and are to be thrown)
cello tape

Step 2: Step 2. How to Make

first join the 4 ice cream sticks as a square. then with  needle with thread is moved through the pen and from other side of pen, needle is again moved through ice cream stick(which is already formed a square)  then at first side of pen a greater knot is tied.again same process is done with other sticks of square. then all left over threads are tied together on top. 

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