Infra Red Camera Conversion (night V/ Xray) Etc




Introduction: Infra Red Camera Conversion (night V/ Xray) Etc

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

weather you want to make night vision , wonkee colours, daylight x ray, catch zombies , make trees and shrubbery look like fireballs or even experiment in uv , you will have to get that pesky infra red block filter out of your camera.

(ir cut filters reduce uv , most glass does)

tools i used here were a small screwdriver, a pointy thing and a pair of tweezers.

optional things to play with could include

infra red light source ,this could be a tv remote control or if you want more power you can buy ir leds off bay china for not much and make something good, there are now kits available to make an OK ir light. or you could just use the sun!

infra red filter ,exposed leading end of a negative can work, they can be found in remote controls(plastic cover thing at the end of the remote you point at the telly or whatever)and on the remote controlled thing as well it will be there covering the sensor , and again they are also available on the bay

Step 1: The Convertee

i have previously been messing inside this cam but its all there. and i have plans for it beyond its ir conversion

any way its a real basic camera ,make things easy avoid auto focusing cameras,

Step 2: Unscrew

if the cover doesn't come off look for screws under stickers before prying at it.

Step 3: Look Around

i took the back off, it wasn't really necessary as i could do all the work from the front, but i didn't know that at the time , some lenses are held on by screws that are accessed from behind the sensor

Step 4: Remove the Focus Lever

one screw, it selects macro or normal focal distance

Step 5: Metal Lump (qualityifying Mass Enhanser)

2 screws, those 3 metal plates do absolutely nothing , they are just added weight that allows the price to be increased.
the lens assembly is held in by 2 small metal plates , remove these and you got the lens.

Step 6: Springy Springy

Step 7: Look for the Ir Cut Filter

on this its blatantly obvious where it is.
ir cut filters are blue glass that when light reflects off their surface it appears pinky red.
some times there on the front or back of the lens sometimes buried in the middle , or there sitting over the sensor.

Step 8: They Dont Like It Up Em

so this lenses ir filter is at the front , and after very little thought i concluded to get at it id need to pull the glass out the back, try not to touch the glass its not so easy to clean. so i poke around with a thing and lucky me it comes out as a complete unit.

Step 9: Remember How It Came Apart.

once the filters gone i used tweezers to shove the lens bit back in where it came out, it seems secure enough. if yours i wobbly hold off gluing it until you've tested it to see if its focus is ok.

Step 10: And in Reverse

pop the lens parts back the righr way round

Step 11:

springy bits and focal range selector back on

Step 12: Remember the Battery Cover,

see picture , there u go.

Step 13: So I Didnt Take a Pic Befor I Pulld Bits Out

so here i illustrate the difference made, by holding the removed bit in front of the cam whilst picturingrgr

Step 14: Infra Red Filters

some comparison pics taken with modded camera and my regular camera.

Step 15: Exposed Film End

illustrating the virtues of keeping that dead bit at the end of your negatives

Step 16: Testing the Filter Types

not much in it really

Step 17: Go Mad

make yourself a ir floodlight

Step 18: Testing X Ray Potential

i think its more synthetic fibers that go see through , i haven't any of that that i can find, so i tried a test with a knackered t shirt. with different strengths of ir filter. they go from 720 to 1000. that big plasticcy thing i got is rated at about 850.

here is some of my night vision shenanigans

Step 19: Gave It a Bit of a Stealth Ish Look

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