Flower Bracelet




Introduction: Flower Bracelet

How to create a beautiful flower bracelet

Step 1: What You'll Need

1.Two pieces of wire to fit your hand
2. Perls blue, black and transparent
3.Six circles of jewelry
4.A brooch of any kind
5. Pliers to cut bend and squeeze
6. Nylon thread of 6lb

Step 2: Corner Bend

we take the wires and in a corner bend drawing a circle

Step 3: Insert a Black Pearl

Insert a black pearl and deliver at the other end, do this with the two pieces of wire

Step 4: Then Insert a Piece of Nylon Two Transparent

Then insert a piece of nylon two transparent beads and nylon carry the center and the right end of the nylon insert it into the black pearl right and left toe left the Black Pearl

Step 5: Then Each Nylon Tip

Then each nylon tip only we put a blue pearl

Step 6: Insert Pearl Transparent

Then we take the two ends of the nylon and getting a pearl cross transparent

Step 7: Insert a Blue Pearl

insert a blue pearl on each end of the nylon

Step 8: Then Inserted Into Each End of the Nylon

Then inserted into each end of the nylon and wire a black pearl

Step 9: We Continue the Process ....

we continue the process until you reach the tip of the other side
and we do the same fold start

Step 10: Then Each Fold We Made Him a Little Circle of Jewelry

Then each fold we made him a little circle of jewelry inserted on each side and then join with another small circle by the two previous two as a triangle

Step 11: Finally!

Finally put a pin between the two circles in each corner

Step 12: And Finish

The end

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