Vampire Tortoise Pumpkin Stand



Introduction: Vampire Tortoise Pumpkin Stand

As we all know the tortoise is the greatest living creature on earth, unfortunately on Halloween a few turn to the dark side and change into vampires. The only way to keep them away from your home is to have one of your own to guard its territory.

Step 1: Cut Body and Legs

Firstly you will need to trace the curved base of the pumpkin onto some wood. I used some scrap plywood. Do this roughly and allow excess for adjustments if needed. Draw head and tail and rest of body. Don't do this too thin. Cut out shape using what you have available, I used a scroll saw but a jig saw or coping saw would work fine. When you have cut out the pieces smooth the edges with some sand paper. Fix the pieces together, these can simply be glued together or you could drill a dowel into the legs and drill a corresponding hole into the body. I decided just to screw the pieces together.

Step 2: Eyes and Teeth

Draw the pieces onto some scrap wood, cut out and glue into place.

Step 3: Test With Pumpkin

Check your pumpkin fits and decorate if you wish. You are now finished and safe from attack from vampire tortoises for another year. Thanks for looking.

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