Upcycled Old Bed Into New One for Children

Introduction: Upcycled Old Bed Into New One for Children

Tools Required

     multi function tool PMF 180
     paint gun PFS 105
     set screw rotates
     wall stapler

hardware Requirements
Units Description Material Dimensions
1 Old wooden bed 1 person
_ Paint Mono layer
2 wood boards 22cmX 90cm
8 Screws _ diam 5
Cotton fabrics _ _
Fleece _ __

Step 1: Preparing Wood

I started by cutting the bars thanks to my hihi PMF 10.8 LI ultra simple and effective practice.
Dirrection then sanding with the same tools.

Step 2: Preparing the Additionnal Pieces of Wood

I have used the MFP multifunction to make my cutting boards that will come fill the space formerly dedicated to bars.
Here boards 22cm on 90cm.

Then place to drill two holes on each side, top and bottom with a drill diameter of 4 to 5 wood screws dia.

Then book these boards and go al step 3

Step 3: Let's Paint

And presto, it's gone, with my dear paint gun PFS 105 the dilution is prepared, and this is part for painting =)

Step 4: The Bed's Head and Foot

Now is the time to take the stage prepared.
Provide with fleece and fabric overlay and Staple all on the bottom of the board which will camoufflée during assembly.
And now, the last line, the bed is dry padded boards, we'll just come screw the parts together.
To facilitate the passage of screws, make a small incision with the cutter at the locations of holes.

And here, remains only install the bed, parry and enjoy to redo the decor of the room, finally, that's for next time =)

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