Twig Garland



Introduction: Twig Garland

A simple rustic/farmhouse style garland that is easy to make. It is a nice natural addition to any holiday decor.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

Tree branches of different varieties the approximate thickness of a pencil.

String, twine, jute, or yarn

Snips or pruning shears


Step 2: Cut Branches

Using your snips or pruning shears cut the branches into approximately 3-inch pieces.

Step 3: Cut the Twine

Cut a 3-foot piece of the twine and fold in half.

Create a simple over-under not and tighten the twine around a piece of the 3-inch twigs making sure it is centered.

Double knot it to secure.

Step 4: Add More Twigs

Repeat the process of adding twigs and double knotting them until there are about 4 inches of twine left.

You will need it to attach the next section.

Continue making sections until you have enough to achieve your desired length.

Step 5: Connect the Sections

Tie the sections together to make the continuous garland

Trim the leftover twine

and that's it.

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