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Introduction: Tropical Paradise Jumpsuit - 3 Way Neckline

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A lovely and colorful 3 ways neckline Jumpsuit, for Spring / Summer wardrobe.
A fun, easy and stylish resort wear, nice to walk and frolic in the beach, or
holiday beach party wear. Sheer fabric adds allure and drama
and can be worn with just a bikini or a tube under-top.

Materials used:
1. Butterfly print silk chiffon fabric
2. Sewing Machine
3. Serger
4. Elastic / garter

Text Instruction provided below:

Jumpsuit text Instructions: ( Refer to Instructional Illustration on the photo gallery )

Note: Measurements according to your individual size
Serge all fabric edges before stitching fabrics together

Step 1 - Sew and attached sides of FRONT and BACK bodice together.

Step 2 - Stitch and finish the lower edges of PATTERN #3 ( Ruffle pattern )

Step 3 - Sew and attach the WIDTH EDGES of PATTERN #3

Step 4 - Sew and attached the top edge seams of #1- FINISHED BODICE
to the top edge seams #3 RUFFLE PATTERN. Balance both sides
before sewing and attaching seams.

Step 5 - Fold 3/4 '' the top edge seam of the SEWN ATTACHED RUFFLES and BODICE
and sew the 3/4 '' allowance for ELASTIC CASING.
Insert 1/2 '' elastic until ends meet, sew together; Close the seam opening.
Balance and distribute ruffles.

( ELASTIC /GARTER measurements depends on individuals SHOULDER
TO SHOULDER circumference and preference, can be loose or tight )

Step 6 - Sew and attach CROTCH on #4 & #5 PATTERN ( FRONT PANTS )

Step 7 - Sew and attach CROTCH ON # 6 & #7 PATTERN ( BACK PANTS )
Sew and attach SIDE SEAMS of the FINISHED FRONT PANTS #4&5

Step 8 - Sew and attach the FINISHED BODICE & FINISHED PANTS together

Step 9 - On the wrong side of the fabric of the FINISHED BODICE & PANTS SEAMS
create a fold 3/4 '' to form WAISTLINE ELASTIC CASING, sew and leave 1 ''
seam opening for the ELASTIC ENTRANCE.

Step 10 - Insert 1/2 '' ELASTIC / GARTER in the opened 3/4'' SEAM CASING WAISTLINE
until ends meet, sew together and stitch and close seam opening.
Balance and distribute ruffles.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful, very creative and colorful design. Love to wear it on my next summer holiday trip!