The Rainbow Tower

Introduction: The Rainbow Tower

Let’s get started and make your own rainbow tower!

Step 1: Make the Bottom of the Tower

First, make the bottom of the Tower. Don’t forget to make it like the Rainbow color!

Step 2: Make the Column and the Balconies

Now, you almost reached the middle of the tower. Because I want to make it steadier, I make some column beside it. You can also add a balcony if you want to, and I’m going to do it.

Step 3: The Middle

You’ve reached the middle of the tower! Now, start making the middle thinner. It will be steadier because there are columns beside it. You can also make some windows.

Step 4: You Almost Reached the Top!

You almost reached the top of the tower. You can drag out a cone from the chart and adjust the “top radius” so make the top flatter.

Step 5: Add Fencing

Like the CN Tower, you can make a place on the top of the tower where people can watch the view of the city. For the safety reasons, don’t forget to add the fencing!

Step 6: The Lighting Rod

You can add the lighting rod on the top of the Tower. It can also make the tower more beautiful and taller!

Step 7: Add Details

Finished! You can also add more details to it.

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