The Lisbon Earring

Introduction: The Lisbon Earring

- 1 pair simple ear loops
- 4 Swarovski crystal balls, 8 mm
- 4 inches of fine gauge chain, cut into 4-1 inch pieces (we used Sparkle Chain)
- 15 inches of wire, 22 gauge
- 60 seed beads, 6-0 size
- 46 filed cube beads
- 24 round jump rings, 5 mm

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Round nose pliers

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Step 1: Create Beaded Links

Use your round nose pliers to create a loop in the end of the wire. Thread a 6-0 bead onto the wire, bend and trim the wire to create a looped link with one bead. Adjust the loops as needed so that they both face the same way. Repeat to create a second 1-bead link. Using the same technique create links with: three 6/0 beads, 5 filed cube beads, six 6/0 beads, 8 filed cube beads, eight 6/0 beads, 10 filed cube beads, and eleven 6/0 beads. Set these links aside.

Step 2: Create Rhinestone Links

Create 2 individual beaded links with 2 Swarovski crystal balls. Set aside.

Step 3: Attach Links to Chain

Using your chain nose pliers open the wire loop on the top of one of the crystal balls. Thread the wire through the ring on the ear wire and close securely. Using a jump ring attach both 1-bead links to the bottom loop on the crystal ball. Separate the 1-bead links and use a jump ring to attach each 1-bead link to the opposite ends of the 3-bead link.

Step 4: Continue to Attach Links

Using jump rings and your chain nose pliers attach each end of the 5-bead link to the 3-bead link. Continue down the earring, adding each link by using jump rings to attach it to the previous link. After you have attached the 11-bead link use jump rings to attach a 1 inch chain section to each side of the 11-bead link. Attach the remaining Swarovski crystal ball to both chain ends, linking them together and finishing the earring.

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