The Hide-away



Introduction: The Hide-away

Ever wanted to hide something from your parents but are lacking a good place? Here's your solution! its super cheap, super easy, and you've probably already got everything you need!

Step 1: The Materials

Warning! This Instructable involves the senseless destruction of books! If You Are Under The Age Of Ten Please Find A Parent To Tell You When To Close Your Eyes!!!!!! ^.^ Okay, so this is a book that I already have a copy of, so no loss, and aside from that, I bought this from the library because they were going to throw it away due to damage accumulated over its long service. And as a side note, its a good book, but its the fifth one in the series and it is the twelfth printed edition, so I can easily say that it isn't a collectors item of any great worth.

Step 2: Destroy, Build, Destroy!

Okay, so this is the first step, and it is likely the single most simple thing you have ever done. Just peel the clear plastic liner off of the VHS case. If you feel it is necessary (spelling error?) you can use the scissors to run along the seam while you peel. Again, if it is a DISNEY case it should peel right off. If not, well, I recommend scissors as a "Just In Case" precaution, since sometimes the whole plastic cover will be torn doing this.

Step 3: More Destruction! (With Purpose)

Okay, here is where a little caution is advised. Not just because of the scissors, but because its very easy to mess up the whole thing during this step. You just have to cut the seam of the book that holds the cover onto the book, and its pretty straight-forward. That's all there is to it.  Do it to both sides, but take it slow. and triple check to make sure you aren't cutting through the entire cover, or you will have to ride the guilt train with the knowledge that you ruined a book and didn't gain anything from it. You might have to have a friend write Book Killer on your forehead and go for a jog of shame around the block. ^_^

Step 4: Duct Tape Time (Yaaaaaay!!! ^_^)

Okay, so now that you have your book cover and your VHS case, its time to combine the two. If you have old, or cheap duct tape, this is the time I recommend switching to hot glue, since it will last longer. If you're using good duct tape, it will hold just fine. Basically, just tear off a square of tape and roll it up, then stick it to the inside cover. If you want you can use the little rolls to make a smiley face, but make sure you get the edges of the cover.

Step 5: Time to Close the Book on This. ^_^

The best way to do this is to stand the case up on the spine and bring one side of the case up to meet it. Then fold it over as though you were literally closing the "Book."

Step 6: All Done! =D

You now have a spy-like secret case to stash whatever valuables you have to hide! Just slide this thing onto a bookcase and nobody who sees it will think to look any closer!

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