The Granny 'not' Scarf

Introduction: The Granny 'not' Scarf

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A well-meaning aunt recently bought my sister a top that she wasn't exactly enamoured with ("How old does she think I am!?" were her exact words...)  My sister was absolutely convinced that nothing could be done to redeem the item, whereas I saw the situation differently (obviously).  In any case, a challenge was born and this is the result.

Step 1: I Can't Bear to Look!

Take one loose fitting, stretchy top like the one in the picture and turn it inside out.

Step 2: It's Sew, Sew...

Mark a straight line from the neck to the armpit.  Pin this line in order to keep the material from sliding about.  Now sew along this line using a zigzag stitch to close the armhole.  Repeat on the other side.  Cut off the excess sleeves, but keep one for use in the next step.

Step 3: Scrunch...

Cut a bit of the spare sleeve off, then snip the circle to create one long strip.  Turn the 'top' right side out and gather the material at the back towards the neckline.  Take the strip and wrap it around the gathered material.  Tie the ends in a tight knot and tuck the loose ends under.  And you are done.

My sister, however, still remains unconvinced...

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