Super Easy to Make Fume / Smoke Extractor




Introduction: Super Easy to Make Fume / Smoke Extractor

This is a real simple, but effective, fume / smoke extractor that I've been using for quite some time now. Thought I'd share it.

This makes a great gift for a father who smokes, and if he's a DIY type of guy, just gather the parts download this instructable,and give it to him as a kit.

Step 1: Gather Parts and Tools

1 Empty (Betty Crocker) Frosting container
1 2.5" , 12V Fan (got mine from an old scanner)
1 12v Power adapter
 small piece of Kitchen Exhaust filter mesh

Wire cutter / stripper
Electrical tape

Step 2: Start ( and Finish) the Build.

1.- Grab the cap and use your scissors to cut a circular hole around the edges of the inside  o ring that is in the cap.
2.-  Turn the container around, and draw  three  u / v shaped,  equally separated guides to cut out the exhaust holes. (see pictures for clarity). you should end up with a "peace sign"  looking back-end.
3.- Use a magic marker to  trace around the filter mesh using the front of the container as a guide (see picture)
4.- Insert the cut out circular filter mesh into the inside of the cap(cover).
5.- Place the fan into the container until it hits the bottom, it should be a snug fit.
6.- Put the cap with the filter mesh back  on the container.
7.- connect the wires from the fan to the power transformer and insulate  with electrical tape.
8.- Plug it in and enjoy a smoke free  environment.

Hope yo liked this easy to build smoke extractor.

Step 3: Smoke Extractor in Use and Going Further

Here you can see the extractor used as a "smokeless ash tray". You can also use it as a fume extractor when you are soldering.

Goinig further , you can add a switch between one of the cables to turn it on and off, I have mine connected to a power strip that I turn off when I'm not working.

You can also insert an air freshener, or an active carbon filter inside the container to enhance the operation.

if you can't find a small fan, just find a cylindrical container that fits the fan you have, and adapt!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Do you blow smoke directly into the unit through the filter? If so is there a lingering smell from the unit when it is not in use or any smell from the other end?


    9 years ago

    Off topic question : What happened your laptop? It looks a little burnt


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like a burn, but it's just missing paint that scraped off when I was cleaning the nicotine stains with a solvent. ;)