Sound LEDs !

Introduction: Sound LEDs !

In this instructables,I am sharing how I made a Sound reactive LED using Arduino....

Ok,lets face this,there are plenty other models out there which shows how to make a LED sound reactive by using Arduino....So what's special about this one?

Making a sound reactive LED is pretty easy,but it doesn't use the programming power of the Arduino. So,In this model we shall use the advantage of programming combined with same old hardware to control two LEDs seperately with sound.

For this you'll need

1. Arduino (I am using mega as I have one......all other boards can be used......basically mega is too large for such a small project,this can be even done by an Attiny.. )
2. Electret Microphone.....these are really cheap,i bought them from a local store and they cost abut 10 INR.
3. Some jumper wires and a make life easier.....
4. 27K resistance X 1
5. a small vero-board
6. BC 549 transistors X 2
7.Two leds............any colour
8. Five 1K resistances
9. 10 K resistance X 2
10. 10uF electrolytic X 2
11. 220uF electrolytic X 2
12. 100uF electrolytic X 2
13.Some spare time......he he

I have attached the circuit diagram,it's not made by me,I have just modified the diagram a little bit........

The pin connection To Arduino  is given above.......

1clap will toggle LED 1 ,and two fast claps will toggle LED 2....while filming I couldn't clap as I was holding the camera,so I struck with the head of the screwdriver to generate some sound.......

I have attached the Adruino program here,you just need to upload it to Arduino via the USB cable....and you are done...
using more sensitive and accurate parts,more LEDs can be controlled, Imagine the fan speed controlled by your claps.......

I will shortly upload video....stay tuned......

UPDATE **********

Here's the link to the video of the circuit in action.....

And I also have corrected the value of a resistance...........sorry for the error...

Thank you.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You're on a roll, aren't you? Two I'bles in two days!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Actually there are a handful of projects I have done before...Am just documenting them..........more coming! @ynze (I am not being able to use the reply button......)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I need to read the codes slowly ... And the circuit need to studying