Small Cent Plaque/Variety Cents (450)

Introduction: Small Cent Plaque/Variety Cents (450)

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It took me originally 1 full week to design, and create this wonderful penny Small Cent / Variety Cent Plaque (450) count. It will make the small cent collectors happy you thought of them, and their desires to conquer them all. Mine would retail for $1,000 if I were to sell it due to work hours put in it. I could make them for someone if interested. Try doing it yourself first. Then come back.

Step 1: Selecting the Wood, and the Metal Trim:

The 23.88" inch square, by .20" thick Birch plywood or Oak, you can get at LOWE'S. $6.87

The 1/4" inch "C" channel, aluminum alloy trim you can get from LOWE'S: $3.50 about that for an 8 foot piece.

Step 2: Getting the Coin Bits & Depth Guide / Forstner Bits From "EAGLE Co.";

Item number:

Step 3: Use a Straight Edge Corner to Corner to Bisect and Find Dead Center;

Step 4: Marking Holes, All (450) of Them;

Step 5: Hand Drilling Coin Holes for Pennies; and Marking Bottom Right Border Designer Initials;

Step 6: After Drilling Holes, Fill Open Gaps With Wood Glue, and Let Dry;

Step 7: After Drying, Redrill With Coin Sized Forstner Bit Wih Depth Guide Still Attached;

Step 8: Cutting Trim With HEAVY-DUTY Side Cutters, Again From LOWE'S;

Step 9: Apply Your Signature Inside the Frame of the Workpiece, Then Glue the Trim on From the Back;

Step 10: Hanger, Mounted to a Stand Alone Framed Diarama Box, or Lean Against Wall; Finished.

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    6 years ago

    Interesting display item! Thanks for sharing :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    You're quite welcome. Thanks for liking. I have a new PDF file in my uploads and the place said no Copyrights were needed. So, feel free to make them yourselves. I still would do one for a kid or youngster if they were really that much into coins, but if they can put effort into keeping updates and progress themselves would be nice.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Anytime, and you're welcome. I also have a rare quarter plaque, but it's on my facebook timeline ( " ") and in FineArtAmerica profile, if interested. Also, a coming soon item on my website;