Sky Hub - NO LONGER ACTIVE - Archived

Introduction: Sky Hub - NO LONGER ACTIVE - Archived

About: UAP Tracker is a daily live stream on YouTube watching the skies for anomalous events. Interesting events captured on the live stream and from motion tracking software are uploaded after the live stream ends. …

The Sky Hub UAP Tracker project page is under construction, date 05/12/2020

Visit or join us here Live Sky Hub Chat community

Our Principles and Purpose

WHY SKY HUB - On August 14, 2020, the Pentagon announced the formation of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to gain insight into the nature and origins of UFOs. The mission of the U.S.'s new task force is to detect, analyze and catalog UFOs. Given the low-cost & the capability of today’s consumer grade technology, there has never been a better time for Sky Hub to assemble a network of smart sensors to help capture these objects’ digital signatures.

MACHINE LEARNING - The driving forces behind this project are: 1) the rapid growth and evolution of machine-learning for streamlining the analysis of large data sets; 2) the increasing affordability of AI-ready hardware like the Nvidia Jetson Nano; and 3) the continuing, perplexing presence of unidentified aerial phenomenon in our skies.

GROUP EFFORT - Given the timing of the facts above, we are creating a crowd-sourced network of smart Trackers that will each recognize with “Edge Processing” whether an anomalous event has occurred, and that will each automatically upload the anomalous data to the Sky Hub Cloud.

OPEN SOURCE - UFO data—like all data concerning the public good—should be made and kept Public. We created Sky Hub with the ultimate goal of building and hosting a worldwide, digital UFO database that anyone can access and use under a Creative Commons License using our opensource software created by us and offered to the public under the MIT license.


Step 1: Sky Hub UAP Tracker Build No Longer Active - Archived

Welcome To Sky Hub UAP Tracker

Sky Hub Introduction video

How to get involved

Sky Hub is an open source observational science platform to track Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This documentation is a practical guide on joining this citizen science project 🌎

It will show you how you can get involved:

Head over to the live chat if you have a question

If you're looking for background, a good place to start would be the Sky Hub website

or our Medium publication

Step 2: How to Get Involved No Longer Active - Archived

How to get involved

Sky Hub is an all-volunteer citizen science effort. This is a complex project and there are many things the project could use your help with. Below is a living list of current needs, if you feel up to the task, join us in the Sky Hub chat and let us know where you'd like to help!

Developers Developers link

If you want to be a part of something historic, come join our software development 🚧 team and see what you can do for UAP Science. We're primarily using go lang and vue.js.

Here's some of the tasks we need help with currently:

  • Help building an installer
  • Adding unit tests for tracker and tracker-ui
  • Assisting with user documentation for the tracker/ui
  • Troubleshooting documentation

We've created a developer setup guide to get you started. Jump into the chat Development Channel if you have any questions.

Language Support Language Support Link

This is a global project so we'd like to support multiple languages on our Wiki 📖 Are you fluent in a language that you could help us add to this Wiki? For example:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

Science Science Link

Perhaps you have a Science background 🔬 and would like to contribute to discussions on the science that underpins Sky Hub? Check out our mission statement. A particular focus for the team at the moment is aspects of Sensor Design, Choice, and Protection.

Financial Help Financial Help Link

Since Sky Hub is open source and volunteer based, monetary donations go a long way towards the cost and upkeep for the cloud network. If you'd like to back the project and help it succeed, consider making a contribution using either Patreon or Paypal.

Branding / Social Media Branding / Social Media Link

Sky Hub is currently seeking a branding/social media expert who can help create the Sky Hub public presence and brand as well as guide engagement with the various communities. The perfect team member is someone who has expertise with:

  • Creating a brand
  • Managing social media presence
  • Engaging various communities and following social media trends
  • Ability to define and measure social media KPI's
  • Familiarity with web design principals and publishing
  • Search Engine Optimization and page ranking

Fabrication/Manufacture Fabrication/Manufacturing Link

Sky Hub trackers require a number of parts for the official design assembly and the best deployments will have a weatherproof enclosure to keep the various equipment safe from the elements while we watch our skies. Sky Hub is in need of volunteers with access to/skills in manufacturing and 3D printing to help create enclosure parts to reduce barriers to contributors who might not have the skillset and tooling to build.

  • Sky Hub could use help from makers who:
  • Have access to/own laser cutters capable of precision cuts (8mm plastic sheet for enclosure walls) and are willing to produce parts for others
  • Have a 3D printer/printer farm and are willing to produce 3D printed parts for others to assemble trackers
  • Injection molding capability that is priceable for the end-user/team to replace FDM 3D printing

Step 3: Getting Started - No Longer Active - Archived

In this section we guide you in building 🛠 and registering your own Sky Hub UAP Tracker. This is a system diagram of the base level tracker you will be building:

What you need

The total cost of a Sky Hub Tracker varies depending on choice of camera, microcomputer and shipping cost for parts. A base level tracker will cost about $700.

Which Jetson Microcomputer? Which Jetson Micro Computer ? Link

There are 3 models of NVidia Jetson Microcomputer that we currently support. Select one of the following options tabs:

Option 1 - Nano

Option 2 - Xavier NX

Option 3 - Xavier AGX

This base level ✅ option is sufficient for processing high resolution video data from a single fisheye camera. There are two models: 2GB and 4GB. You will need the 4GB developer kit model.

The Nano does not come with a fan so you will need a 5v 4 pin PWM fan 40x40x20 mm to keep the device cool . We recommend this Noctua fan which you can purchase from i.e. Amazon.

Note that there are several versions of the Noctua fan.You should purchase the 5v 4 pin PWM version, not the 12v version.

The Nano will need a a micro SD card to store the Sky Hub software and the operating system. We recommend a Samsung PRO 64GB SDXC endurance.

Also, USB3 storage device which is needed for storing video recorded by the Tracker, database, sensor data, etc. A minimum of 250GB is recommended e.g. such as this. You will need a SATA to USB3 adaptor

Essential parts Essential Parts Link

The following parts are required for every Sky Hub Tracker. The GPS 📡 can be purchased from Adafruit.

Item Description

Fisheye Camera A fisheye camera provides an expansive view of the sky. It should be IP based, support the RTSP protocol, and H265 standard. We recommend a Dahua 12 MP.

GPS unit The Adafruit Ultimate GPS (buy the USB version as linked, not breakboard version) provides accurate time and location data. We recommend purchasing the Antenna, uFL Adaptor, and you will need a USB A to Micro USB-B connector.

Ethernet switch The switch will be for connecting the hardware on the same network. We recommend a 5v or 12v Gigabit switch with at least 5 ports e.g. Netgear 5-port

ATX PSU The PSU 🔌 provides a flexible and stable source of power for all the above and future items.

We recommend at least 300W e.g. Apevia Raptor

You will also need a STSP Toggle Switch and some 2.1mm x 5.5mm screw terminal male barrel jack connectors from e.g. from Jameco or eBay. You will need some ethernet cables. We added some of these items to an Amazon list.

Overall summary of what you need see image.

Step 4: To Continue No Longer Active - Archived

Please visit this link Sky Hub Tracker Build Options whilst this project is under construction 04/01/2021 PW

Latest Questions and Answers with the SKY HUB TEAM 09/01/2021

Sky Hub UAP Tracker Team answer questions 09/01/2021

Update 20/01/21

Sky Hub Tracker photos during various stages of development

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    7 months ago

    Just found out about this. Any chance of reviving this? I've written grant proposals. Maybe we can get a grant? I'm a (retired) computer programmer.


    10 months ago on Introduction

    I’m finding dead ends at every turn! If I build one of these where do I get the software and how do I connect? Seems servers are down and things have gone cold

    Sky Hub UAP Tracker
    Sky Hub UAP Tracker

    Reply 10 months ago

    Hi Loren, sorry to advise that SkyHub is no longer active, however.. the good news is that UAP Tracker provides a method to observe the skies.

    • UAP Tracker Project features a live stream on YouTube watching the skies for anomalous events. The stream normally lasts 12 hours (eg 7am to 7pm French time). Due to YouTube restrictions the maximum length for a continuous live stream and the video being saved is 12 hours.
    • UAP Tracker aims to inspire more people to set up a basic camera to observe the sky by featuring the recommended camera and software in use on the live stream. In addition to the live stream 'setup guides' are also provided for the Reolink and Dahau cameras, passive forward scatter radar and additional hardware / software
    consumer grade cameras uap tracker.jpg

    Reply 10 months ago

    It’s great that you replied! I am doing a build with an old laptop and dslr running ufo tracker, we’ll see how it does. I watched uap, it’s neato!