Simple and Efficient Wireless Energy

Introduction: Simple and Efficient Wireless Energy

This is a system for simple and efficient wireless transfer of energy than you should be able to make at home.

Step 1: Required Components

1. IRLZ44N MOSFET Transistor

2. 220 Ohm Resistor 1/4 Watt

3. Pancake Coil

Step 2: Schematic

You can use a breadboard or a perfboard and follow the schematic above.

Step 3: Making the Coil

The coil is one of the hardest parts to make. You can buy a pre-made one but it is usually not worth the price.

For help winding the coil you can watch this video made by Rimstarorg. You can skip to 1:08 for how to make it.

Step 4: Problem Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with it not working properly you can try these solutions:

1. Change one of the coil wires polarity.

2. Change your resistor value.

3. Try a new transistor, you could have a defective or broken one.

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    3 years ago

    Can you explain what you are making . Is this an induction cooktop ? or is it a battery charger for an Iphone or is it just a cooker top ?. I don't understand.
    What does the electrical circuit do in its operation?