Saeco Xelsis SM76** Hidden Beverages

Introduction: Saeco Xelsis SM76** Hidden Beverages

The Saeco Xelsis Sm76xx series is the top of the line Super automatic, it was advertised with 15 beverages.

But this is in fact NOT TRUE. there are 6 hidden beverages {including 1 duplicate/Larger serving}

In this Guide i will show you how to access those Hidden beverages.

Please note that i will use the Online demo window to show the instructions more clearly.

Since its identical to the Display the Xelsis Sm76** uses.

Step 1: Step 1: Setup the Xelsis

Just like in the instructions Set the Saeco Xelsis to the preferred settings you want to use.

In this guide i will use the english Language as the main language.

Before trying any different beverages, please set the Grind settings to the preferred setting,

Since i cannot know what coffee the reader uses, i will not go deeper into this.

And it is not of importance for the Guide. since each person has a favorite coffee strength.

Step 2: Step 2. the Hidden Beverages {Deutche AT}

to access the Hidden beverages Please go back to the settings and select language.

Select Deutche {AT} and click on the yellow check-mark.

Press the drinks button to go back to the selection Menu

The "hidden" beverages in the Deutche {at} Language are:

> Verlängerter

> Melange

> Großer Brauner

> Kleiner Brauner

> Caffe Crema

Step 3: Step 2. the Hidden Beverages {Français}

to access the Hidden beverages Please go back to the settings and select language.

Go down in the selection menu and select Français and click on the yellow check-mark. Press the drinks button to go back to the selection Menu The "hidden" beverage in the French Language is:

> Grand Creme

Step 4: Step 3 Returning to the "english" Language

To return back to the English language Please follow the following steps:

1 click on the settings menu

In the setting Menu please click on the Language icon

Select the Language of your choice.

In this guide its the english language.

Now you're back in the english Language window.

Step 5: After Word: Facts/usefull Information

The total list of all 22 beverages on the xelsis is:


1 Espresso

2 Coffee

3 Cappuchino

4 Latte macchiato

5 Caffe latte

6 Flat white

7 Espresso lungo

8 Americano

9 Espresso macciato

10 Restretto

11 Espresso doppio {Duplicate of espresso, but a double serving}

12 Cafe au lait

13 Cofe Cortado

14 Milk Froth

15 Warm milk

16 Hot water

Deutche {at}
17 Verlängerter

18 Melange

19 Großer Brauner {duplicate of Kleiner Brauner but a larger serving}

20 Kleiner Brauner

21 Caffe Crema

22 Grand Creme

It is not possible to select a beverage from the French or Deutche {AT} language under any of the other language's, these beverages are specifically for those language's.

Some beverages are delectable under a different Language, but they are named different, but they are still the same beverage

It is not possible to add the Beverages from the Deutche {AT }language to the profile then change the language, and select it again, This will not work in the online demo tool this is a bug so you are able to select it there, but on the machine this will not work

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    1 year ago

    Unfortunately my machine did not have the German language option. Only English, French, and Chinese I believe. :( Did find the Grand Creme though.


    2 years ago

    This is so interesting, now to translate the german language and see what delicious coffee drinks that they like to prepare.


    Reply 2 years ago

    For many beverages its the same drink only the language is different.
    the only difference would be the name:
    English: caffee AU lait
    German {DE}: Kaffee