Rocky Gibraltar Mini Replica (Toy Story)

Introduction: Rocky Gibraltar Mini Replica (Toy Story)

Here's another Toy Story mini replica. Even though we didn't get a full size Rocky I decided to make a rocky to go with my other mini replicas from the Toy Story gang. This was created with a Hulk mega blocks micro fig, strong cardboard, and flat sewing pins same as the ones used the old buzz

Step 1: Top Body

I modified a hulk top to look like rocky by putting clay over it and sculpting it. Once l got the right shape of the body I was set. The only problem I had was the shoulders, when I moved them up the clay would crack because there wasn't enough empty space inside where the shoulder connects because it is a ball joint. I had to make the sockets bigger because they kept on cracking, so I put a lot of crazy glue to make it strong enough to stay in one piece.

Step 2: The Legs and Torso

I modified hulks legs to represent Rocky's legs by covering them with clay. The boots I molded using a picture for reference. The joints were done the same way as the arms. What did was cut a gap for the bottom leg to fit like a real action figure. The torso I did the same way as buzz.

Step 3: The Head and the Arms

The head was pretty hard to sculpt but I was glad I got the right shape. As for the arms I put strong cardboard and made it like a attach loop for it. I glued the cardboard joint into the shoulder and hinged it by sewing pins same for the wrists. Pretty cool

Step 4: Paint Time

Before I painted I created the buckle out of a sheet of cardboard and created the label off the computer. Before I painted the waist's belt, I put some masking tape around it so it would only paint that section forming the red belt.

Step 5: Complete

Once I finished him I was so happy to have him on my desk. He's all posable with all of his joints. I have a video of this on YouTube to check out once I post a link. Coming soon to insructables, the evil emperor Zurg and Utility Belt Buzz.

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