Recycled Powder Milk Can

Introduction: Recycled Powder Milk Can

This is a recycled Powder milk cans, used for littler plants.


-Powder milk Can

-soil to plants

-Transparent hose

-filter or some thing like that



And the most important a littler Plant

Step 1: Remove Cover Cotainer

remove the plastic cover from milk can, and clean with a littler razor, if is necessary use isopropyl alcohol to make a deep clean.

Step 2: Mark the Can Length

mark every can that will be used, to establish the maximum length and to ensure the correct hose hole.

Step 3: Mark the Hose Holes

With the hose mark the can, to know the circle diameter.

Step 4: Cut the Hose to Your Length Preferences

with a scissors or razor with the hose to establish a correct length , this length will be used to separate each can between each one.

Step 5: Bonding Between Hose and Filter

Step 6: Make a Hole Into Each Can

Make a hole in each can, where the hose can be insert litter tight

Step 7: Insert the Hose Into Each Can Hole

insert every hose into each hole, and add the necessary epoxy to avoid liquid leak and wait until the epoxy dry.

Step 8: Fill With Black Soil and Insert the Plant

fill each can with black soil, if is necessary refill with unicel each can to generate a volume where the water will be after the soil is filled

Step 9: Insert Each Plant

insert seeds into the cans and cover with soil

Step 10: Fill With Water and See

fill with water each can, you can use the hose to fill the next one.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice recycling idea. If rust a problem with these cans?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi Hacks, to avoid the rust you need to protect vs water effect, nevertheless in this project i didn't protect