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Introduction: Rainbowduino: Ping Pong

Everybody likes to play a game. That`s why i created Pong for the Rainbowduino.
This is a two player game, so you can play this game with a friend. 
The game includes a counter, the first who has 5 points wins the game.

Step 1: Parts and Stuff

You need these things:

- 2 Potentiometer 10K
- 1 Rainbowduino
- 1 8x8 RGB Matrix (common Anode)
- 6 jumper wires
- 1 Breadboard (not on the photo)

Step 2: Building It

The Rainbowduino has two modes. Host and USB. The "host" ist used when you use a external Power and the "USB" mode is used when you program it.

We are going to prgram it, so check that the switch is on "USB".

Then you can place the 8x8 on the Rainbowduino. It`s so easy: Pin1 goes to Pin1, if you still doesn`t understand it look at the photo.
But even if you connect it wrong the 8x8 Matrix won`t get damaged.

Step 3: Testing

Connect the Rainbowduino to the PC.
if you haven`t download arduino yet, go to http://arduino.cc and download the latest Arduino software.
After that download the Rainbow library from Rainbowduino wiki under Resources.

Unzip it and put it to -> documents -> arduino -> liabraries...
Restart Arduino and go to  -> datei -> beispiele -> rainbowduino - > shapes...
And  to -> tools -> board -> arduino duemilanove w/ atmega328...

You should see some shapes on the LED matrix, like in the picture.

Step 4: Connecting the Potis

Now we are almost finish..
just connect the two potentiometer as shown in the shematic. When the beater in the game is inverted, just switch +5V with GND.

Step 5: FInish

Now just download the attached file and unzip it.
open pong.ino with arduino and upload it to the Rainbowduino.
You are ready to play.
And If you don`t have a friend to play, leave A0 or A1 unconnected.

Have fun :)

Additional informations:

- this is my first instruction: write me if you liked it or hatet it. And what i sholud do better.
- I`m from switzerland so my english is not the best. if I have written something wrong let me know so I can correct it.
- I didn`t add comments to my program, but It`s coming soon.


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9 years ago on Step 5

Nice Try, Love it.


I don't see where A0 and A1 are on the rainbowduino, could you please elaborate more on where to hook up the potentiometers? Thanks


Reply 6 years ago

Check the solder pads right to the reset button. Here you will find the analogue inputs A0-A7 and D2-D3.


8 years ago on Introduction

Your video is gone, I would love to see it work.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Hello !

Thank you for your interests. Yes, I deleted the video because it was made a long time ago. But i found the Rainbowduino uploaded the code and it did work. I haven't connectet any variable ressistor so it's just reading a open output.

It still looks kinda cool so If you want the video give me your e-mail adress as a private message. Then I will record it and send it to you.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I will try the sketch myself and see what comes out :) Thank you for offering to mail it. When my project works I will post it as an Ible.


Reply 8 years ago

Good luck and have fun !