Puppet Theatre Made From Recycled Pallet

Introduction: Puppet Theatre Made From Recycled Pallet

At our kindergarten the 4 year olds were keen to make a puppet theatre.  They had designed and created several other projects with recycled pallets, so it was their wood of choice for the puppet theatre too.  The kids dismantled the pallet (this used all the wood from one double pallet), and created their design once the wood was separated.  For other projects this has also been the easiest sequence for the children to physically lay out the pieces into the desired designs.  The puppet theatre is braced on the bottom edge with horizontal planks that attach to both vertical ends, with wooden weights to keep the whole structure from toppling forward.  There are also holes drilled near the top of the puppet theatre for coloured lights, however we have taken the lights out as our preschool isn't dark enough for the lights to be visible.  Our kids have told SO many stories in this play space!  The audience sits on macrocarpa logs that we purchased from a local mill (they sit 30cm high).

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cool project, looks great! Please post some photos of the back so we can get a better idea of its construction. The kids must love it.