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Introduction: Pick of Destiny

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To all you Tenacious D Instructablers, here is a cool way to make your very own POD.

Step 1: Pick Your Design

There are several nuanced PODs online. Find the one that speaks to you. If you are following instructions off a tablet, iPod, or smartphone, this will benefit you.

Step 2: Find Your Material

There are several different plastic-like materials you can use. I used polycarbonate but you can use acrylic, plexiglass, etc. A POD made out of mirrored lucite might be sweet too. (Note: Whatever you decide to use should be 1/8th of an inch thick. No more no less.)

Step 3: Draw It Out

Using a fine point sharpie MARKER, trace your design on the plastic. If you are using a device, just place it on the screen. Your device will be fine. Draw it out entirely, not just your outline. I recommend drawing it on a corner of your plastic to save space and to make cutting easier.

Step 4: Cut It

Cut your POD design with your Dremel. Just make a square around your POD and cut out the square. Then, meticulously cut your shape out. Use a sanding disk attachment. Or if you have the Dremel friendly circular saw blades, that's even better. Make sure your cut is free of burrs, plastic string, or crust.

Step 5: Add Definition

Using a point tip of your choice, drill away your lines. Once all your lines are defined and your are satisfied, clean up all residue and plastic bits on your POD.

Step 6: Clean It Up

Using the Dremel brush attachment, brush away the insides of your lines. It will make everything sleek. Be graceful or you will scratch your POD.

Step 7: Remove the Marker Lines

To remove your sharpie lines, use some Ajax or Comet or other bleach powder. This works really well and removes all types of stains and marks. Actually, straight bleach will work just fine also.

Step 8: (Optional)

If you want to color it, use any color of your choice. I'm leaving mine clear, it's kinda cool. If you want to make it into a pendant, use the Dremel drill bit and drill at the end of the horns where they become curly points. Now that you have your own POD, you just need a BOD and you can play a "Tribute".

Step 9: Play a Tribute

Stand back and realize that you can defeat Beelzeboss.

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