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Introduction: Peter Pan Paper Hat

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Paper is an incredible building tool and an accessible way to expand our understanding of 3D modeling. Let's build a Peter Pan newspaper hat in the third of 8 Simple Newspaper Hat Tutorials. << Click the link to view the whole collection :)

Teachers and Parents:

For more details on how to extended this project for additional learning check out further resources in step 5. Topics include: Literature, Peter Pan, and J.M.Barrie.


  • Single Sheet of Newspaper. *Note: You can also use a large flyer or wrapping paper.

Step 1:

  • Fold the newspaper in half, so that it forms a long rectangle.
  • Arrange the rectangle so that the long OPEN edge is at the BOTTOM, closest to from you.

Step 2:

  • With the open edge of the rectangle closest to you, fold one corner of the rectangle down towards the bottom, leaving about a 2" space at the bottom.
  • Fold the second corner of the rectangle over to meet your first triangle.
  • Note: If the second fold has excess newspaper at the bottom - that's ok ! Just trim the excess paper off to match the bottom edge of your first corner fold.
  • You should now have a triangle with a 2" band along the bottom

Step 3:

  • Fold one sheet of the bottom 2" band up along the bottom of the two corner folds and crease flat.
  • Flip the newspaper over and repeat by folding the other sheet of the bottom 2" band up and crease flat.

Step 4:

  • Holding the center of front and back edges, open the base of the hat and lay flat.

Step 5:

  • Fold the bottom point up towards the top, leave a 2" gap from the top and crease flat.
  • Flip the newspaper over and repeat by folding the other bottom point up towards the top, also leaving a 2" gap from the top and crease flat.

Step 6:

  • Open along the bottom and place atop your head !

Step 7: Extended Learning


Literature, Peter Pan, J.M.Barrie

Videos / Resources:

Peter Pan - Read along story book

History of Peter Pan

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Ask students to design their own Never Neverland Island at Learn how to set up your students in tinkercad here.

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