Person Bug




Introduction: Person Bug

Want to be a spy? Well, I have just the solution!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need: 1 complete backup camera add-on kit 1 9-volt battery 1 2x AA battery holder w/ 9-volt snap 2 9-volt battery clips 3 wire nuts Some tape 1 Enercell 12 volt power adapter 1 Enercell adaptaplug tip 'H' You An assistant Someone to spy on (Duh!)

Step 2: Make the Battery

Take the power plug to the transmitter(the one that gets hooked on to the reverse lights, if you were using it on a car) and take the positive wire of it, and use a wire nut to secure the wire to the positive wire of the 9-volt snap. Then, take the negative wire of the SAME snap and use a wire nut to secure the wire to the positive wire of the 2nd snap. After that, wire the negative wire of the 2nd snap to the negative wire of the power plug. So basically, in electronics terms, you are wiring the snaps in series.

Step 3: Wire Yourself

Take the camera and put it in a not-visible-to-others spot, but has to have a good view. Don't worry about the upside-down-ness of it; you'll see why later. Then, put the battery stuff around the camera, so you can switch it on/off. After that, wire the 9-volt and the 3-volt to the snaps. Plug the camera and the power to the transmitter unit.

Step 4: Prepare the Monitor

This part is very important! If you screw up here, you've maybe fried your monitor! SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Wire the adaptaplug so it is center-positive. The plus engraved on the tip should match the word "tip" on the wire from the power adapter.

Step 5: Done!

So that's it! Go spying! But please, don't use this for bad. Please don't. Even if you do, I am not responsible for any trouble you may get into, personal or legal. If you can hack this so it will video record, post a comment!

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    9 years ago

    The peak wireless backup cam kit, but it is from 2011


    9 years ago

    Just wondering...what camera kit is that?