Peppermallow Geodes (Marshmallow and Peppermint)t

Introduction: Peppermallow Geodes (Marshmallow and Peppermint)t

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This is an instructable to show you how to make marshmallow and peppermint geodes! You don't have to bake them!


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Step 1: Supplies:

  • Marshmallow fluff
  • semi sweet chocolate
  • Candy Canes or peppermint.


  • A bowl
  • A microwavable bowl
  • silicone molds
  • spoons
  • Big plastic baggie
  • rolling pin

Step 2: Chocolate Shell

pour one bag of chocolate into the microwaveable bowl then melt it in your microwave. It will take about one minute and thirty seconds if you're using chips or two minutes if you're using chunks. It should be smooth and creamy when it's done.

Step 3: Molding the Bottom

Pour a thin layer of chocolate into the molds and let it sit in the fridge until hardened. ( its okay if there's chocolate on the side. It helps.)

Step 4: Peppermallow Filling!

while the chocolate is hardening put the peppermints into a big blastick bag and crush them with the rolling pin. Stir in the crushed mints with the marshmallow to make a peppermallow filling! ( used 4 candy canes)

Step 5: Almost Done!

Take the chocolate out of the fridge and put about a teaspoon of the peppermallow filling on top of the chocolate. and then put even more chocolate on top. Then put it in the fridge until hardened.

Step 6: Done!

Your pepper mallow geodes are done! Enjoy! ( They do not need to be refrigerated.)

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