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Introduction: Painted Father's Day Gift

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This year I let the youngins decide what they wanted to make for daddy. The final decision was: paint a frame and add their favorite picture in it.

We went to Michaels to find the pieces we needed:

**Wooden, Ready to Finish frames (Some are as low as $1 or as high as $5.99)
**Acrylic paint (The little bottles we bought were 0.77 cents each.  "Americana" was the brand. They are always on sale.)
**Wide and fine brushes (if you don't have any, get the cheapest ones for the kids. They will destroy them happily.)
**Palate (We used paper plates. Use two to make it thick)
**Workstation (Kitchen table is fine, but just cover EVERY INCH with newspaper. My girls are good with paint, but it still saved once or twice.)

Now what? PAINT!

Once you are finished painting, print out your favorite photo of the kid(s) and put it inside. If you choose the right one, you will see a tear or two from dad at a beautiful memory he gets to keep in a customized frame. 

You can easily join the fun too. He may not be my daddy, but I painted one with all of us in the picture. It was a GREAT way to join the kids and be apart of Father's Day. 

Have fun!

Miscelleana Rhinehart: What is more fun than writing for Bronx Cars and other more creative topics? Enjoying the activities with the kids, and I love to do that.

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