Origami Using Money




Introduction: Origami Using Money

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. A cup, jar, glass, really anything like that. I chose a glass. 2. Paper currency. It doesn't matter how much. 3. Paper crane you make out of the currency.

Step 2:

First, get your currency and make as big of a triangle as you can.

Step 3:

Now fold the rest of the bill behind the triangle.

Step 4:

Now open the triangle up so it forms a square

Step 5:

Now fold the remaining part of the bill over. Now you have a square to work with.

Step 6:

To start off the crane, fold the square into a triangle, and then make a smaller triangle out of that. Crease it, and unfold it. When you unfold it, you will see an X shape on the square from the folds.

Step 7:

Next, fold it in half to make it a rectangle, and then fold the rectangle in half to form a little square. Crease it and unfold it. You should have more lines on your square.

Step 8:

On your bill, the creases should have made four squares with two triangles in each one. Pick one square and pinch it in half like this. Put the triangle you've made on another triangle like I did above. Repeat to the square across from the one you've already folded. The remaining square just stays as a square and goes over the two folded triangles.

Step 9:

Make the little square you've made have the open side pointing towards you. Grab the side and fold it to the middle making a little triangle. Do this to the two sides on the front, flip it over, and do this to the two sides on the back.

Step 10:

Unfold the little triangles you've made. Take the bottom tip of the square and open it up as far as you can, but leave some of it down. It should look like a little boat. Now fold the inside edges down and make two more little triangles. Flip over and do the same thing to the other side.

Step 11:

Fold one little triangle over. It should look kind of like a cat. Flip over and repeat so it looks the same on each side.

Step 12:

Lift up the bottom triangle and bring it up. Repeat on both sides.

Step 13:

Almost done! Now gently tug on the two thinner triangles to bring then out. Pick whichever one looks more messy to be the head. Fold the tip of it over to form the head. Now fold the majority of the top of the triangles to form the wings. And you're done!

Step 14:

Now put it in your jar. Make more, and fill it up. When you want to spend the money, unfold it carefully and be sure not to rip it. You can make many more origami shapes, but I prefer the cranes.

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    9 years ago

    My boyfriend makes me cool stuff out of money all the time ! Now I know how to make some for him :)