Origami Secret Tower Box

Introduction: Origami Secret Tower Box

You need:

10 sheet of square paper for each level

Size: 15 x 15 cm

Final size 7 x 7 cm



Step 1: Make Connectors

You need: 6 papers, pencil, ruler

Fold the paper like the first image

Step 2:

fold 1/3 and open

Step 3:

fold like the image( both side) and the outer box is done!

Make 6 of them

Step 4: Make Inner Drawer

fold the bottom edge of the paper edge about 1 cm. Then fold as follow. after that, fold it exactly the same way as the outer box

Step 5:

to make the handle variation, go to 8:03 in the video

then do everything like thevideo

Step 6:

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