Opening Jars, Cans (for People With Arthritis)

Introduction: Opening Jars, Cans (for People With Arthritis)

This is a step by step conductor, chaperoning you towards creating a simple machine that aids in helping victims of Arthritis execute task simple task such as opening jars/ cans.

Step 1: Creating the Main Body

Tools needed:

1. cutter

2. measuring ruler

3. Pencil

4. a person

Materials cutting list:

Cardboard strip around 40 cm x 40 cm (this cardboard will be reused throughout this crafting period)


At the edge of the cardboard mark, a line to signify the length of the cardboard, to conserve the amount of cardboard using the sides, parameters of this cardboard is around x x.

End product

A rectangular cardboard measuring 8x11. Then on the right side find the point that is exactly 4.5 cm on the edge then go across 3.5 cm. When you have found the precise and accurate positions poke a hole. Repeat this step for also the left. The end product should look like the above without the handle.

Step 2: Creating the Nunchucks (gears)


Circle Template




Cardboard left from the cut before


1. Find the circle that has a diameter of three in the circle template.

2. Trace the circle about 3 centimetres apart from the end of the cardboard

3. Then draw spikes coming from the circle that consists of a length around 1.5 cm

4. the circle should have twelve spikes poking out.

5. cut the circle with the 12 spikes out which will then turn the reactant (the tracings on the cardboard) to the products (nunchucks gears)

Ignore the different parts only the nunchucks/ gears shall be noticed for this step

Step 3: Making the Hands of the Clasp





Piece of cardboard that is left from the last cut


1. At the edge of the cardboard measure the length of the strip to about 12 cm with a width of 1 cm.

2. Use a cutter to cut out the strip

3. repeat step one more time to end up with two strips of the long cardboard rod

Step 4: Adding Strings to the Hand

Strings measuring around 15 cm x 2

Glue the strings onto both sides of the hand

Step 5: Creating the Clutch Sandpaper

1.5 width x 4 lengths of a cardboard x 2

1.25 x 3.95 of sandpaper x 2

glue them both together then glue them at both sides of the arm facing inwards.

Step 6: Connecting the Hands and Clutch Towards the Gears in the Centre.

Using a hot glue gun glue the hands and clutch towards the right side of the golden knob that connects the gear to the main body.

Using a hot glue gun glue the hands and clutch towards the left side of the golden knob that connects the gear to the main body.

Step 7: Creating the Handle

8 length x 4 widths of cardboard x 3

Glue two of those strips together then glue it 2cm towards the bottom of the body.

Then glue the other piece of cardboard on towards the unleveled side of the handle to extend it at around 2 cm.

Step 8: Connecting the Gear and Clutch to the Main Body

Equipment needed:

Golden adjustable pin




1. Insert the golden adjustable pin into the marked spot for both sides,

2. Insert the gear and adjustable pin into the marked spots on the body. (for both sides)

3. Trim the adjustable pin if necessary

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