Olympus the Third - K'nex Ball Machine

Introduction: Olympus the Third - K'nex Ball Machine

About: I am 14 years old and love building k'nex ball machines.

This is the third version of my K'nex Ball Machine, Mount Olympus, now known as Olympus The Third. This installment has a new, 8 foot tall, chain lifted, 8 foot drop, loop, and a basket track. Also there is an enhanced ferris wheel track. The fourth installment is coming soon! Check out my video on youtube!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, good modifications, and that chain lift is rapid! Well done!! =D!

    dr. richtofen

    Awesome! That seventh path is really cool, with the doulbe loops and such.
    Nice music in the video btw. Only too bad the music in the last part has that ''premium.dot'' voice

    This is very good!
    Nice tracks and a fast chain lift.
    And I like most the 7th path, also because I know how difficult it is to keep the ball on the path with that kind of vertical drops.
    The editing at the end is awesome! Wich editor program did you use?