No Wood No Mechanics DIY Jack in the Box

Introduction: No Wood No Mechanics DIY Jack in the Box

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Hey!!!this is a no wood no mechanics jack in the box! All you will need is -cardboard -duct tape -coloured paper (or paint) -glitter(and glitter glue) -glue

Step 1: Step 1

Glue together some squares to make an open box.for one side double the size so it has a closeable lid.decorate it with the glitter and paper or paint. For the jack:sew a people shape from the waist up and add clothes and a hat them draw or sew on some eyes.staple him to a piece of cardboard them glue that to the inside of the box.add a pipe cleaner to the side to look like a if u push back the jacks head and close the box when u open it will pop up to look like it was electronically programmed !!!!!!!thanks!!!! Please vote for me in the craft contest and toy contest!!!! (:

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