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Introduction: Medusa Paper Hat

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Paper is an incredible building tool and an accessible way to expand our understanding of 3D modeling. Let's build a Medusa newspaper hat in the second of 8 Simple Newspaper Hat Tutorials. << Click the link to view the whole collection :)

Teachers and Parents:

For more details on how to extended this project for additional learning check out further resources in step 4. Topics include: Ancient Greece, Greek mythology, Architecture, and Philosophy.


  • Single Sheet of Newspaper. *Note: You can also use a large flyer or wrapping paper.
  • Tape

Step 1:

  • Fold the newspaper in half, so that it forms a long rectangle
  • Arrange the rectangle so that the long FOLDED edge is at the BOTTOM, closest to from you.

Step 2:

  • With the folded edge of the rectangle closest to you, fold one edge of the rectangle towards the center.
  • Fold the second edge of the rectangle towards the center and overlap the first edge by an inch or two.
  • Tape along the bottom 2" where the two piece of paper overlap to secure in place.

Step 3:

  • Starting at the "open" edge furthest from you, cut 1/2" to 1" bands down the length of the paper, stopping 2" from the bottom edge
  • Repeat along the entire top edge.
  • Open along the bottom and place atop your head !

Step 4: Extended Learning


Ancient Greece, Greek mythology, Medusa, Architecture, Philosophy


Ancient Greece:

Ancient Greek Mythology - Perseus and Medusa:

How to Make a simple Parthenon in Tinkercad:

3D Designing with Tinkercad:

Ask student to design a replica of the Parthenon at Learn more on how to set up your students in tinkercad here.

Example projects:

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2 years ago on Step 1

The Medusa hat, if rolled up at an angle will make a tree. We once made one with the Manchester Evening News which climbed from the living room floor to the ceiling. When Our parents came home and finally went to bed they found the last yard sticking out of their bedroom floor.


2 years ago

lol, Staying isolated, Covid brings this out in all of us. Looks awesome! These are fun things to do! :-)