Mast Mast Dabeli

Introduction: Mast Mast Dabeli

Ingredients you would require for the Mast Mast Dabeli are:
3-4 boiled potatoes,
3 tablespoons oil;
1 small table - spoon Mustard Seeds
Salt as per taste;
50 G of seasoning Katchi Dabeli
100 Grams of tamarind chutney
Raw mango+ coriander sour chili sauce 100 g
100 grams of finely chopped onion
100 grams of finely chopped coriander
100 grams of pomegranate seeds
Roasted Peanut Seeds 50 grams
Chopped nuts and raisins 2 tablespoon
Amul Butter 100g
6 fresh loaves

Step 1: Procedure:

Peel and properly mash boiled potatoes. Take 3 tablespoon refined oil in a pan and put some mustard seeds.  Now, put mashed potatoes and fry well. After 5 minutes, put dabeli masala (3 tablespoon) and salt according to taste. And stir for two minutes more. Cut paav into two halves horizontally. Apply tamarind sauce, and paste of chilly + coriander and raw mangoes’ on both the sides and put mashed potatoes paste. Then apply finely chopped onion, chopped coriander pomegranate seeds and roasted peanuts, roughly chopped cashew and kishmish . Now squeeze paav upon both the sides slightly so that the material sets properly. Apply some butter on tawa and fry paav till light brown color appears and get ready to have tasty yummy and delicious dabeli.

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