Magnetic Paper Dolls for Your Fridge!




Introduction: Magnetic Paper Dolls for Your Fridge!

I saw some of these online and thought they were cool, but they were about $20USD. So I made my own and was pretty pleased with the results.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

You will need:

paper dolls (i got mine from an "adult" coloring book called "Devil Babe's big book of fun" by manicD press, but if you do an internet search you can find a bunch of free ones to print.

exacto knife

clear packing tape or laminating sheets

colored pencils, markers, or a computer program (like Word) to color in your dolls if they aren't already colored.

magnetic printer paper- i got mine from a friend that didn't need it, but you could also just paste some of those magnetic business cards or pizza ads to the back of your dolls.

inkjet scanner/printer

Ok, now cut out your dolls and arrange them on your scanner you dont need to cut them out very neatly, but cut enough off so you can fit most or all of them on one page (don't overlap them, i did just for this pic so you can see them all.)

Step 2: Print

scan your dolls and print them using the magnetic paper. (the magnetic paper goes in magnet-side up in my printer- I did it the other way first and it made a HUGE mess- so make sure and check which way it goes in yours.

Step 3: Finish!

now you're going to laminate your magnets. I just slapped some clear packing tape over the whole page, but those nifty laminating sheets would probably be easier to get on without bubbles and wrinkles. Then, carefully cut out the dolls with an exacto knife (I guess you could use scissors, but the little spaces for the face and arms would be a huge pain in the butt). Then put 'em on your fridge and have some fun or wrap 'em up for a great last- minute gift.

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    Very cool! I love the paper dolls you chose. I've done a similar thing for kids with a doll and all the little clothing pieces and toys pieced individually. My daughter loves to dress hers up. I've used lots of different magnet paper for these and like the glossy stuff sold at staples the best.
    - barb


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I made a variation of this for my youngest niece for Christmas.  I used an old cigarette  tin I sandpapered, painted, put pictures on and varnished.  Then I printed out the paper dolls on the magnetic sheets, cut them out and put them in the tin.

    This way my niece can carry it about or use it in the car or where ever.  Hope she likes it.   When she outgrows the paper dolls, she can then use the tin for other purposes, such as a tin to hold her jewelery when she travels, etc.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is a brilliant idea, and I am going to finally be able to use those paper dolls I found online! Thanks so much.


    15 years ago on Introduction

    very cool and yeah i would find that funny too :) sorry lol...