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Introduction: LED Heart Pasties

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LED heart pasties speak for themselves. While they are not necessarily day-to-day wear, you will be glad you have them in your boudoir when that special occasions arises (or is in need of it). If you have sewing and electronic experience, these could easily be made in a few hours. Without this experience, consider it a weekend project. There is a pattern included for these pasties which can be scaled up or down to fit.

I made these for use with the Clap-Off Bra.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

Red fabric
Red thread
Black liner fabric
Conductive Thread
A 2032 coin battery
A few small bits of conductive fabric (I used zelt)
Two long and thing strips of neoprene
48 red LED beads*
Pattern (download below)

* You will need to make these yourself. I made these using Carley's LED Bead Jig.

Step 2: Sew

Using the largest heart pattern (the one with all of the LED beads superimposed on top of it) and cut out two red hearts.

I used a laser cutter to do this and was also able to cut all of the LED holes at the same time. However, you can easily get this job done with a piece of chalk and a good old pair of scissors (with or without marking the LED holes beforehand)

Anyhow... next you want to use the smaller heart pattern with the buckram.

To make the body for your pastie place the red fabric over the buckram and then overlap the point of the hearts until they create a nice conical shape.

Fold the rec fabric around the buckram and sew around the edges and central seam until you have one single form.

Step 3: Attach the LEDs

LEDs are polarized, which means power will only flow through them in one direction (from one side to the other, but not back).

The LED beads I used had a green marking on the ground side. Yours might have a different marking, but that is okay.

Sew all of the ground connections together with conductive thread and all of the positive connections together with conductive thread.

What is important to keep in mind right now is that the marked side is completely sewn together and the unmarked side is completely sewn together separately. It is also very important that none of the conductive threads cross. I sewed the LEDs on in a spiral moving inwards to prevent any possible overlapping threads.

Step 4: Line It

Trim away any loose conductive threads and make sure none are touching.

Using the smaller heart pattern, cut out your black fabric and use this to line the inside of the heart.

Step 5: Make a Battery Pouch

Take a thing strip of neoprene. Use conductive thread to sew two small squares of conductive fabric to the neoprene such that if you were to fold it in half, one square would touch the + side of the coin battery and the other square would touch the - side (keep in mind that the + side wraps around the battery and therefore, the square for the - side should be kept very small).

 Make sure that a long strand of conductive thread sticks out the backside of the neoprene to connect each terminal of the battery to the circuit (the side opposite the conductive squares).

Fold the strip over the battery and then sew the strip together as tightly as possible (make sure none of the conductive fabric touches. Trim away any non-conductive fabric or non-conductive thread that is left over.

Make sure the two conductive threads sticking out of the battery pouch keep from touching to prevent the battery from shorting.

Step 6: Attach the Battery

With the battery in the pouch, sew the thread connected to the negative terminal to any of the ground connections on any of the LED beads.

Sew the side connected to positive to any of the positive connections.

The LEDs should all light up.

Tack down the battery pouch and remove the battery. That's all there is to it.

When you are ready, insert the batteries and attach the pasties. You can use liquid latex makeup, body paint or very strong double-sided tape to connect them.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I really love these but can't figure out how to find the right LEDs to use. Where did you get them, before you turned them into beads?

    Fuzzy Monkey
    Fuzzy Monkey

    Reply 5 years ago

    You can find them on sparkfun.com, look up Lilypad LEDs.... Lilypad is a wearable electronics brand. Here's a google search that has several options for LEDs



    6 years ago

    This is so awesome! Great battery holder!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    With decent Led's(low,square) good Cosplay Dual-Omni Torch system .....