Knitting a Striped Scarf

Introduction: Knitting a Striped Scarf

Today we are making a knitted scarf, the stitch we are using is called the garter stitch. I am making a striped scarf, with the clouds of Ravenclaw house

Step 1: Materials

This are the things you will need:

- Wool (4 Balls of yarn 2 different colours)

- Knitting needles (12 mm)

- Scissors

Step 2: Stitching On

With stitching on I will show you the easiest way:

- You create a loop around the knitting needle using your hand

- You push the needle through as you see on the 2nd picture

- when you are done you have your 1st stitch

- You repeat this step until you are satisfied with how many stitches you have, I have 30 stitches

Step 3: The Knitting

- As you see on the first picture you stick in the needle from the other side

- Then you get you thread and you tie it around the needle you just stuck in the stitch

- After that you slowly pull out the needle, but be careful because the thread you just tied around needs to come with it other wise you don't come any further

- When the needle is out of the stitch you pull the stitch of the other needle and you have started knitting your scarf

Step 4: The Fringe

- You cut of a piece of yarn from around 15 CM (5 Inches)

- You pull the yarn in 2

- You tie it to the lowest stitch and repeat this step until you are satisfied with your result

Step 5: The Binding Off

- You knit 1 stitch and continue knitting

- But instead of sticking the needle into 1 stitch you stick the needle in to 2

- When you are done you can add fringe to the other side

Step 6: Wearing the Scarf

- You did it!

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