In-wall Speaker Enclosures for Creative Inspire T7700 Speakers

Introduction: In-wall Speaker Enclosures for Creative Inspire T7700 Speakers

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I run a graphics/audio/video business from my home office. My setup includes a computer system with 7.1 surround sound using Creative Inspire T7700 speakers. To get a more polished look, I decided to inset the speakers into the walls by building custom laser-cut enclosures for each. The satellite speakers are shallow enough to allow for a flush mount in standard 2x4 construction. I used Adobe Freehand to produce the vector files which were then cut from 1/4" MDF using my brother's Epilog laser. The base speaker is, of course, not included in this plot.

Step 1: Design Phase

I began by scanning the speakers in profile. Using Adobe Freehand, I designed a base profile that cradled the speakers and could be applied to all but one. In my office, the front/centre speaker needed to be mounted horizontally. This required a simple modification to the design based on the side, rather than bottom, profile. 

Step 2: The Cut Parts

The parts were cut from 1/4" MDF board using an Epilog EX24 Laser Engraver in vector cut mode.

Step 3: Laser Cut

The part file was then optimized by meshing the various pieces to minimize the cut time. The attached images show the collection of cut out pieces.

Step 4: Assembly

Assembly was a simple matter, as seen in the images attached. Wood glue was used to affix the pieces to one another. The corner holes on the face plate were then countersunk to allow drywall screws to sit flush.

Step 5: Installed

The assembled boxes were then painted flat black and flecked with the umber paint used in my office.  

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, by any chance, can you provide me with the schematics for the wired remote controller? or at least clear pictures of the board? I'm trying to create that from scratch, it's missing on my T7900 system. Thank you, and really nice project:)


    9 years ago

    Can't wait to use that laser cutter i have laying around.
    Not- but it's cool no doubt


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL. I know the feeling Chopped. I don't have one laying around either, but I knew where to find one.