How to Make a DC: "Hawkgirl" Costume

Introduction: How to Make a DC: "Hawkgirl" Costume

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Sexy winged girl? Don’t mind if i do!


-reflective sunglasses

-black foam

-tan  foam

-a CRAP ton of feathers

-white felt

-white fabric

-chicken wire

-elastic strap

- sturdy gauged wire. (home depot)

-green fabric

-yellow fabric

-red boots

-green tights

-tan belt

-red undies


-foam ball

-high density foam

-PVC pipe

-fake leather

Step 1: Clothes

wear your green tights with your red undies over them.

Boots (image 1)
Put on your red boots. If you dont have red boots, consider your boot options as explained in the “how to make a ‘robin’ costume.

you can put some masking tape, yellow fabric, or even paint on the boots to make the design.

Shirt (image 2 + image 3)
the shirt is basically a work out tank top. I didnt actually make, but a seamstress did.BUT here is a link on how to make a top.
The top should be right under your sternum (pic A).

take long strips of fabric (maybe even sew two strips together) and wrap them around each hand.

Step 2: BELT

Take your belt and start making pouches for them.. basically take Long strips and fold them into 3 parts (pic B). You will sew the bottom two parts together along the sides  (pic C), and pull the top flap over. put some velcro to attach the flap to the pouch. On the back, take a strap of foam and sew on the bottom and top to make a belt loop (pic D). make 6 pouches. 3 on each side of your buckle. they should fully function to put your ID/ cash/ or credit card in.

Step 3: Wings

(image 1)
Take a glance at pic E. that is what you are assembling.take your chicken wire and use some pliers to cut it into the shape of wings. i somewhat bent mine to make them curve inward.

(image 2)
then grab your heavy wire and make the figures in pic F.. attach them to the border of the wings. i conjoined the gauged wire in the center of the wings (it will sit along your spine). i had some spare foam,  so i covered the edge so the chicken wire would not poke anyone, and to  give it a “bone” outline.

add some elastic straps to the middle (pic E).. in pic G, you will see that there is velcro attached to the end of each strap. this way you can adjust them to a certain size. 

(Image 3)
Now, You will take some felt (pic G) and cover the heavy gauge wire (front and back).. From here, you cover both wings with white fabric. this will give the feathers something to cling on to.

Feathers (image 1)
once completed, start gluing your feathers on. i have a hot glue cooling mat that really helped us out.. put some glue on the feathers and lay them on in a “tile roof” pattern.. or overlapping layers (pic H).

Step 4: Mace

I took a 4 inch piece of PVC pipe and attached it to a PVC cap. Then attached that cap to a longer piece of PVC pipe and jammed it inside a 8 inch styrofoam ball. i took some high density foam that i had laying around and cut it into circles and placed them around the styrofoam ball. I got some fake leather and wrapped it around the PVC pipe. also made a leather strap. i got a cap for the PVC pipe and put it at the end of the mace.

* Careful if you are considering to use spray paint. it eats styrofoam, so have the mace constantly moving and make only light sprays.

Step 5: Mask: Part 1

(image 1)
Take your tan foam (maybe try to get a thick sturdy one), and cut out the shape, along with eye holes (pic J). Using a heating gun or blow dryer, warm the foam around your face, particularly around the nose and bridge of the nose.

(image 2)
take some black foam, and cut out the shape (2x) in pic K. attach them to either side of the mask, making sure that your ear lines up, and will protrude from the curve.

Step 6: Mask: Part 2

(image 1 + image 2)
Once that is complete, add a headband inside the mask to fit around your forehead.. Glue the top of the black sides to the headband to keep them in the correct shape.. and a top “flap” to it..  the flap should extend all the way to the back of the helmet (pic M).. take two more pieces of black foam and also glue, cut, and add them to the sides to close the gap (pic M). Now, make 3 strips from black foam and glue them on top of the mask.. the two side pieces will be a little shorter than the middle piece (pic N).

(image 3)
Once that is completed, pop out the lenses of your reflective sun glasses and glue them on top of the eye holes.. cut out black circles and glue them over the borders of the lenses to clean up the look.

Step 7: Finished!

Put it all together and you get … Hawk Girl!!!… Enjoy the costume....KAWWWWWW!

If you would like to check out more of my current art projects outside of Instructables, check out Spicy Panda Creations on Facebook

If you want to see a interview with the costume in action, follow the link below. (25:52)

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    If you were going to make these to attach into a corset instead of straps, how would you suggest doing it? I'm going with the cartoon version of Hawkgirl and have almost completed the mask, time to move on to wings and mace. I'm a bit aprehensive about the wings.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    hmm... that's a really tough call.. i honestly think youd have to create a harness that looks like an "I" that could come out of the back of your corset.. it would have to rest against your spine and maybe strap around your chest and your waist?. Since most corsets open and close in the back, maybe you could then wrap the corse around it.. Maybe post some pictures for your Work in progress and i'll see if any more ideas pop to mind. Good luck! the wings are a process, but definately cool and great if you plan to reuse the costume


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    it seems like it would work! only thing left is to try it. i think you may need to add a strap around your waist though for extra support. most of the time though, it seems like things get figured out as you go along. Keep me posted and for sure, id love to see the finished product when its finished!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Well done! I'm loving the instructables you are posting, I really feel like any of us could use the instructions to make amazing costumes!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Well done! I'm loving the instructables you are posting, I really feel like any of us could use the instructions to make amazing costumes!