How to Make a Batman: "Robin - Damien Wayne" Costume (Version I)

Introduction: How to Make a Batman: "Robin - Damien Wayne" Costume (Version I)

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With so many Robin’s to keep count of in the Batman line-up, why not just steadily move down the line? Dick Grayon, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and now Damien Wayne?..

Special note:
 Some pictures do not coordinate with the instructions. They are examples of the technique that I have used. 


-Army Boots

-red shoe laces

-black tights

-men’s dancer’s belt (optional)

-red shirt

-black long sleeve shirt

-green fabric

-yellow fabric

-black fabric

-plastic masquerade mask

-black foam

-green foam

-yellow foam


Step 1: Shoes

If you can’t find army boots (i suggest discount store), consider buying some. Now you have three options on how to make shoes.

Option 1) You can choose to spray or paint them. If you do this route, i suggest hand painting, because you will have a better chance of matching your shoes to your actual costume. If you do this, those shoes are now deemed your “costume shoes” FORVER!

Option 2) If you want to save your shoes for actual daily life use, consider covering the whole boot in masking tape, and then 
covering your boot in craft foam.  Take a hair dryer or heating gun and warm some craft foam. It will then bend and mold to your boot within reason. Cut the shapes along the natural seam of the shoe as you glue your pieces. Later, take a thin piece of foam and glue it over the seams to make it appear as one solid boot.

For this, we were really lazy and just spray painted the boots and added red laces.

Step 2: Pants, Shirt, Belt


Just get some black tights, and consider wearing a dancer’s belt if you don’t want the outline of your junk in pictures.

SHIRT: (1st pic)

underneath is a black long sleeve shirt. Over that is a Red short sleeve shirt with a few alterations.  Cut off the sleeves along the seam. then i used a sewing machine and some black  thread to make a line down the middle, and two on the side. I split the shirt down the middle from the bottom about a quarter inch

Belt: (2nd pic):

Cut 5-7 pieces for parts A and B out of cardboard. it will just depend on your waist..cut 1 piece of C and D from cardboard as well.. C and D will have the same diameter. Glue D on top of C.. Glue all the pieces to a black piece of fabric and then safety pin it around your waist.

Symbol (3rd pic)

cut out the pieces below in the designated color of craft foam. A and B are the same diameter. C should fit inside B. Glue all pieces together. C on top of B on top A. *the symbol goes on YOUR LEFT side btw..

Step 3: Gloves (Gauntlets and Hand)

Gauntlets (pic 1)

This costume was made prior to learning how to make foam gauntlets. Had i known, i would have gone the foam route.

We ended up make everything from cardboard.. If you do decide to go the cardboard route, you need to either paint the gauntlets green, or cover them in green fabric like we did.

cut two long strips (A) that will fit around your width of your wrist and the length of your forearm.  Cut two smaller pieces for the spikes that stick out (B). Follow the diagram and glue strips A together. Glue B pieces to one end. Put velcro on each side. and close around your forearm.

Hand (pic 2)

For the hands, we should have just bought green gloves! .. but we chose to make things a bit more difficult. we actually sewed gloves.. So spread your hand as wide as possible on your fabric, and make a SLIGHTLY LARGER outline. This is to compensate for the fabric when it wraps around your fingers/ hand.Do it twice per hand. Sew together. Remember to leave enough fabric to cover your wrist so your skin will not show underneath your gauntlet.


make your hood (follow the pattern located in “how to make a storm shadow costume.” (link below)

Fold the hood in half so you find the center of it.. Match it up to the center of your cape. Pin it together and then sew it. add a button to the neck area and make a hole on the other side.

*when i make a button hole, i take a needle and thread and just go around the hole a couple of times so it gives it a bit more support from tearing.

Step 5: Mask

Get your Masquerade mask and cut out the shape of the mask. You can get nicely shaped masks for about $7-$10.. it is a thicker plastic.. Or you can just spend the $3 on a cheap one.. paint it, and use some double sided tape or masking tape to keep it on.


That should be it. Take some great pics Boy Wonder.

if you would like to check out my current art projects outside of Instructables, feel free to find me on facebook at Spicy Panda Creations.

Links to other costumes in pictures


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    7 years ago

    Sizing just depends on the size of the person. If they're small, make a smaller one, larger is a larger one. I just grab anything around to use for sizing. Or cut it out of paper first to see if you like the way it looks. It's all about your perspective


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I'm having a bit of trouble though because there aren't many measurements so it's kind of hard to make the belt and crest.

    I think your costume really is very good, though I would have advised a few things. Firstly, to iron the lines out of the cape. Small thing--goes a long ways. Secondly, I think it would help the look if you had re-sewn over the lines to make them thicker--or sewn on black trimming where the lines are. Either way, well-done. :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello! really great suggestions. Totally should have ironed out the cape haha. i honestly did not even notice it at all. and with the black trimming, are you referring to the lines on the red shirt? I think those would be great ideas looking back at this.. at the time, i was making maybe 8 costumes simultaneously, so i was working to get passing grades. Thank you for the feedback though. Would totally add those if i had the chance.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    Do you have to sew a line down the middle?? I really want to make this for Comic Con in Salt Lake City:))


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    nope. not at all. it serves no function and it's just for looks. good luck!

    You mentioned making foam gauntlets. Do you have a tutorial you could link me to? I'm starting on this for my 14 year old daughter who wants to cosplay Damien.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    take a look at my silver samurai costume. that is when i had already started using foam. hope it helps. if not, totally write me and i'll see how to help =)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I so dislike the boy wonder.....but darn it I love how you made the costume! Well done!