How to Make a Paper Pistol

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Pistol

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Hi this is my first instructable so if u think its bad, ok im a butt and images not mine u booger


Paper, and tape u scrub

Step 1: Fold Into Rectangles U Fart

So Im going to stop sayin those words but anyways fold the paper into rectangles that are about a half inch wide and u can use any size paper.

Step 2: Fold Another Rectangle

Same as first.

Step 3: Fold First Rectangle

Fold the first rectangle in half width wise (srry if its not detailed more better ones coming soon)

Step 4: Fold Rectangle #2

Fold it in half width wise and fold the two ends to the middle and fold them at a angle of 45 degrees.

Step 5: Assembly

Pull the ends of the first folded rectangle and into the second rectangles hole at the handle.

Step 6: Your Done!

Ur done and I took pics from the internet.

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    The marksman
    The marksman

    2 years ago

    Tell me if u think its good or bad, I'll make a better one today if u think its bad