How to Make a Coloring Page

Introduction: How to Make a Coloring Page

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For this project you will need paper, a regular pencil ✏️ , and a pen 🖊 with black ink.

Step 1: Draw Anything

It is best if you draw a cartoon, such the pup Skye that I used. The reason for this is because they are easier to draw and color.

Step 2: Trace the Drawing With the Pen

You need to be extra careful during this step, because the ink could smear or a mistake could be made. If that does happen, use the BiC Wite・Out.

Step 3: Color

Congratulations! You are ready to color!

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    1 year ago

    Maybe you can add a little more detail about what type of drawing makes a good coloring page?

    Artwork by the horse
    Artwork by the horse

    Reply 1 year ago

    Okay! I will do it when I have time. Thanks for letting me know.