How to Make a Baby Yoda Ornament

Introduction: How to Make a Baby Yoda Ornament

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This is an instructable to show you how to make a plush baby yoda ornament. It's also pretty easy if you know how sew


  • Green felt
  • scissors
  • pink felt
  • white felt
  • black sharpie
  • needle
  • thread
  • Optional sketch pad and pencil if you want to design it first

Step 1: Face Structure

First draw out what you want the face to look like and then cut out 2 of the front face. It is important to cut the felt in half, overlap it and cut. A don't get the ears! And then sew them together but leaving a little bit open. Now turn it inside out

Step 2: I Can't Hear!

Now cut two long cat ears out of the green felt. And now cut smaller ones out of the pink felt and sew them on to the other ones

Step 3: The Face

Take your sharpie and draw black Yoda/Alien eyes or you can start out in pencil and now cut small circles out of the white felt and then sew them on! Draw a mouth like the picture above

Step 4: Stuffing!

Stuff the baby yoda with extra green felt! And then sew his head shut!

Step 5: The Final

Add both of the ears on and then sew on a long string to tie it to the tree!

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