How to Make Your Android Apk With Html Files ?

Introduction: How to Make Your Android Apk With Html Files ?

Greeting Everyone, Hope you are doing good.

In this instructables we can see how easy it is to create your own android apk from a HTML, CSS JS Webpage files.


What you need...?

I am not going to make a huge list. You just need a computer, your html, css, js files ready and some interest in you.... thats it. Without any delay we will get started.

Step 1: Setting Up

We need to organize the html, css, js, files inside a separate folder in any directory as showin in images

Main thing is we need to name the primary home page of the webpage (html page) as index.html.

This index.html content will be displayed as the Startup page in our Android App.

Step 2: Generating Unsigned APK

We need to understand the different types of APK. One is Unsigned APK (normal APK) another is Signed APK. In this tutorial we will be seeing Unsigned APK. If you are willing to upload your android APP into the Google Play Store then you must generate the app as Signed APK.

For development and build perspective we can use Unsigned APK.

Once we have our list of files in a separate folder with index.html, we are done with initial step.

There are Few more Steps to Convert your HTML CSS JS Webpage files to Android APK.

Click on our Video Link as video will be easier than written words.....for Detailed steps. 😊

Step 3: Conclusion

Now you have the converted Android APK. You can copy this file to Any Android mobile device and install it and test it out.

For more tutorials and interesting videos, check in our Youtube Channel and website. In Next tutorial we will see how to generate signed APK.

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    Vijay SV
    Vijay SV

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi AshaiRey, You are right. Just to clear your point, the phone gap site will not be updated further on, but the existing version of Phone gap will be still live out there and we can build APK from our HTML5, CSS, JS. Thanks


    Reply 1 year ago

    Can you provide link where "existing version of Phone gap will be still live out there and we can build APK"


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi AshaiRey, thanks for ur info .. but it will be continuing without update as Vijay SV says.