How to Make Passive Cash Online for 2022




Introduction: How to Make Passive Cash Online for 2022

After months of combing through garbage incentive websites and apps that promise the world and never deliver, I'm finally done. I've completed my collection of websites and smartphone apps (Android/IOS) that will earn actual PASSIVE CASH. That means you basically sign up, and do nothing. And I mean nothing. No ad clicking, no surveys, no offerwalls, no downloads, NOTHING. I calculated the ones that are confirmed to pay out (because they actually paid ME), and you can earn an estimated $85.30 per month in cash and gift cards, +$1.00 in one-time cash outs, and other random goodies, completely passively. Good Luck!

[Updated 7-7-22]

Step 1: Apps

(If you're worried about these apps stealing your personal information, just put them on an alternate phone. I've been using my earnings to buy cheap $20-30 android phones on ebay (look for a "bad ESN") and let them earn money for me, with my personal info safe and secure.)

Mobile Performance Meter – $5 Amazon Gift Card/Code every 30 days

My personal favorite. Just install the app and forget about it. You'll earn 30 points per day, and you can cash out a $5 gift card (to literally anything) every 500 pts. **CONFIRMED**

MobileXpression Research – $5 per week

Similar to Mobile Performance Meter. You have to open it once a week to claim 5 points. That's it. They add up quick. **CONFIRMED**

Screenwise/CrossMediaPanel/Google – 1-2$ per week

Similar to Mobile Performance Meter, but run by Google! They are more selective about participants. **CONFIRMED**

Panel App – $1 Amazon Gift Card/Code (1500 points/1.5 months) or $5 Visa Gift Card (5000 points)

Similar to Mobile Performance Meter. Just install and ignore it! Earns 33 points per day. **CONFIRMED**

AppOptix– $10 Amazon Gift Card/Code per 12 weeks (25 points/week)

Similar to Mobile Performance Meter. Just install and ignore it! Earns 25 points per week. Earn $10 after 300 points. Email confirmation necessary. Not everybody gets in. **CONFIRMED**

Slidejoy– About 200 points/day, or $2 every 10 days

I usually don’t recommend Lock Screen apps like Adme, or S’more, (while they ARE technically passive) because they earn very little cash and end up wasting too much of my time. Slidejoy is pretty fast to load and release, and it has to option to pause or stop the lock screen during busy hours. **CONFIRMED**

Mistplay - Get paid to play games like "Words with Friends" - $5 Amazon Gift Card/Code per month

I gotta admit, "Words with Friends" was fun, but if you just want the cash, download the casino apps and leave then on "auto spin." You'll earn the points soon enough. **CONFIRMED**

Lucktastic - 3 minutes per day = 1000 tokens = $5 Amazon Gift Card in one week?

OK, you won't "win up to $5,000 instantly" from the free scratch tickets, but you can get tokens from maybe 3-5 tickets per day plus the daily login bonuses. Ignore the few pennies you initially win and in about a week you should have 3000-4000 tokens. If you spend them all on the closest "$5 amazon card sweepstakes" you have a good chance of winning. I won on my first try, and got it emailed to me 3 days later. **CONFIRMED**


Just by walking around, this app earns you "sweatcoins," which are a kind of cryptocurrancy. Not much to spend them on, except cheap discounts within the app, so maybe just hang onto them, in case they get listed on an exchange. They have a daily bonus in the rewards section. **UNCONFIRMED**

Rewarded Play

Yet another app that earns you cash for downloading and playing games, BUT, this one comes with a daily check-in bonus, just for us lazy boys! **CONFIRMED**

Claw Toys

This one is fun. This is an app that lets you control a real-live crane machine prize grabber (via webcam), and almost guarantees you to win on your 1st try. BUT, shipping is only free if you cashout with two or more prizes. That's how they getcha. Anyway, this app has a free daily checkin bonus, so you can at least keep trying for free, and maybe get lucky. Use code: 536897 **UNCONFIRMED**


This app that earns you cash for downloading apps, which are easy enough to do, BUT, this one also comes with a music player that pays out points (varies) as you play music over your lock screen/blank screen. You can just keep it running all day, with volume very low, and cash out at 8000 pts. I've done it 4 times, once at the $25 mark.


Similar to Hyperdrive. Earns a coin called "Mobilio" just for driving around. Maybe it's good? **UNCONFIRMED**


This app lets you download from a HUGE library of podcasts, even my favorite obscure ones like WHM and Purple Stuff. Anyway, they offer daily login "coins" (in Personal > Task Center), and rewards for listening/posting/etc. Cashout in crypto or premium service. Use ref code YYZ89B


Crypto Idle Miner - Very addicting game, earns actual crypto, called 'HORA', **CONFIRMED**

TipNano - free daily crypto, called 'Nano', **CONFIRMED** - free daily crypto, called 'BEE', Use ref code: tostr

Pi- free daily crypto, called 'Pi', Use ref code: tostr

CCTipbox- Multiple free daily cryptos, in very small amounts, but you get a ton of them! Use code: HEMW2

Uhive - looks like it might be worthless, now...

ThunderCore- free daily crypto, called 'TT', no ref, **CONFIRMED**

Multimine- free daily mining, btc/eth/bch,

* * *

Step 2: Websites


Leave a tab open and it will autoplay videos all day. ALSO, you can earn 9 free points daily by opening 1 video, clicking the rewards box, and claim the daily code. You can redeem these points by feeding them to your favorite rewards site. I use Listia,, iRazoo, PrizeRebel, and many others. I describe how you connect them below:

This site goes by other names, but this one pays the most. Some of the offerwalls have some easy money (Rev U and Offertoro have many 15-coin offers for just opening a page). Just click the Hideout/Smores links to connect your Hideout account to your account. Now you can redeem/withdraw from the Hideout site to You can withdraw in Bitcoin, Eth, Lite, BCH, Amazon, Walmart, Xbox and over 100 other gift cards (250 coin or $0.01 minimum). From my last cashout, 100 points from Hideout (dailies only; no video views) = about 95 coins in

ALSO - the Lootably offerwall has a video page similar to Hideout ( No daily code, but possibly a better method? **CONFIRMED**

Sign up and do nothing. Once a week, they'll email you a free bonus code, but it'll only work if you "earned" some pts this week. LOL. Simply dump your weekly points into Listia,, or whatever, and click on that daily 9pt bonus code (see above), then dump that tiny amount into iRazoo, here, then add your email code! UPDATE: They also have a daily 15pt code here. **CONFIRMED**


Sign up and do nothing. Wait to click on "paid emails," earn from (under Adscend>videos), use the search bar (using this free tool I made), or claiming one of the codes as soon as it's posted here. **CONFIRMED**

Earnhoney– $5-10 Amazon Gift Card/Code per two weeks

Similar to Hideout. Sign up, don’t do any of the surveys/tasks, and just leave the “watch” tab open all day. Right click the tab and click “mute tab.” Yes, it works with **CONFIRMED**

NadaMobile - [DEAD]

Qmee – varies, about $0.20-0.30 per week

If you happen to do a particular Google/Bing/Amazon/Ebay search, a side bar will pop up with some PTC ads. Click the paying ads ($0.05-0.09 each), wait for the piggy bank icon to glow red, then go back to see if you can get more. Check the weekly Reddit list of search words at least twice a week to maximize profits. **CONFIRMED**

Points2Shop– $1 USD, mailed Simply sign up under my referral link and you’ll have 100+ free points, which is enough for a free physical dollar bill that will be mailed to you. I know, right? **CONFIRMED**

Empower– $5 per day

Sign up, Select $5 on the earning slider, and maybe make 1 post. Somehow this earns you cash, and you can cash out after 90 days. They email you every time you earn another $5, which is daily. Likely a scam, but just in case I’m wrong, get in on this. **UNCONFIRMED**

Swap Caps – [Dead]

Cash4Essays – [Dead]



Pipeflare - Daily DOGE, ZEC, FLR, and others, only 1 captcha, an extremely easy daily click.

GlobalHive - Daily ZEC, only 1 captcha,

GetZen- Daily ZEN, only 1 captcha,


Alternatives to Cash:

Shutterfly and Snapfish - Get free photo prints, regularly

If you make a quick account at Shutterfly and Snapfish, every 1-2 months they'll email you a promotion for free 10-20 free 4x6 photo prints (with free shipping)! I've done this over a dozen times. I usually just print memes or cool wallpapers and rasterbate them to be poster-sized, for my bare walls. **CONFIRMED**

Listia – Earn free yard sale goodies
Sign up, link as many socials as you want, and you’ll get 8000+ free bonus credits. Select only “free shipping” items and bid for free goodies. You can get some easy credits using my method above. **CONFIRMED**

Free steam games - Free steam keys

I made separate Instructable just for obtaining steam keys for free, here:

Step 3: Bitcoins

Earn about $30 per month

Hopefully, you already know what these are and got yourself a free online bitcoin wallet (just get the Trust wallet app). There are plenty of “passive” ways to get free bitcoins online, like cloud mining, investing, offerwalls, shortlinks, auto surfing, etc. Most are wastes of time.

Bitcoin Faucets

The TRUE Lazy man will favor the "auto faucet," which will accumulate coins by themselves (at most you''ll have to solve 1 captcha per day!) (Faucethub acct needed)

Firefaucet - Sign up, claim the daily bonus here, then start the auto faucet here. and just let it run!


Aditif - Sign up, claim the daily bonus here, then start the auto faucet here. and just let it run!




THECRYPTOFAUCET - This one is self explanatory, I've cashed out 3 times already (sometimes it's slow, but it withdraws GENEROUS amounts, right to your wallet!) **CONFIRMED**


Publish0x - Get paid to read and write articles (or just open about 10 pgs from the 'new' section every day, tip each one 20% and keep 80% for yourself! Pays in FARM, AMPL, BAT, LRC, and ETH, and others. I've cashed out many times for each one. **CONFIRMED**



FreeFaucet - Login every day and collect from Ravencoin 3 times (it has the highest payout and easiest cashout). You can make a raven wallet using the Trust wallet app. The other faucets/coins are not as good. I withdraw weekly. **CONFIRMED**




Pipeflare - Daily DOGE, ZEC, FLR, and others, only 1 captcha, an extremely easy daily click. **CONFIRMED**

GlobalHive - Daily ZEC, only 1 captcha, **CONFIRMED**

GetZen- Daily ZEN, only 1 captcha, **CONFIRMED**

Step 4: Final Words

I couldn’t in good conscience give you a list of daily sites to visit without adding one more important link.

By looking up "3.11" on, 10 cents will be donated to the East Japan Earthquake recovery effort. Please click, if you have the time:

And as long as your opening those daily lotto pages, maybe open one of the links from the lists below. They are collections of daily “free-click” sites that let you give to charities without donating. I recommend the Alzheimers Disease site. (I do not earn anything by sharing these links).


Thanks for looking!!

Good Luck!

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    Question 1 year ago

    Is it possible to hack/cheat money makeing apps like moble performance app


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    Cryptocurrency is really an interesting idea for making some money. For example I am investing in one ico project now. I found it on ICO Pulse information source. So my choice is Memority. It is a platform for a decentralized, secure storage of valuable data on the blockchain. It provides API for third-party developers. They can use its structure and decentralized storages for their own apps.


    Reply 4 years ago

    As long as there is no scalable platform applications are useless in my mind.
    On which platform is Memority?
    I only invest in promising platforms like Ethereum, Iota, Rchain, not in apps or dapps but who knows ;)


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    thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas, crypto seems the most profitable