How to Make Christmas Tree From Plastic Bottle

Introduction: How to Make Christmas Tree From Plastic Bottle

Welcome to my video, in this tutorial I will show you how to make awesome Merry Christmas Tree Diorama along with Santa Claus Sleigh. I hope you will like it.

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Plastic Bottle

Transparent Plastic Sheet

Plaster of Paris

Dried Moss



Spray Paint – Grass Green

Acrylic colors - Crimson, Royal Gold & Raw Sienna

PVA Glue

Artificial Tree

Cedar Leaves

Binding Wire



Twinkle / Christmas Lights


Step 1: Use of Bottle

  • I used plastic bottle for making tree.
  • I used transparent plastic sheet to cover bottle from outside.
  • I used hot glue gun to fix it.
  • I used Styrofoam.

Step 2: Use of Plaster of Paris

  • I used plaster of paris to make base for tree.
  • I used piece of cardboard for making sleigh.
  • I used dried moss.
  • I used clay for making snowman.
  • I used acrylic colors - Crimson, Royal Gold & Raw Sienna.

Step 3: Use of Leaves

  • I used spray paint grass green on bottle.
  • I used acrylic color royal gold on floor.
  • I used cedar leaves on it.
  • I used twinkle / Christmas lights.

Step 4: Final Pictures

Here are few final pictures of Christmas Tree.

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