How to Make Handwarmer (Calcium Chloride)




Introduction: How to Make Handwarmer (Calcium Chloride)

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Hi Hacker,

there is many things i don't like, one of this is the COLD hand

Today in this special instructables i show the best remedy for the cold days:

How to Make a fast Hand Warmer at Your home.

this instructables it's fantastic because in every moment you can mix together this two component and create a good hot source for your hand!
With this experiment i increase the temperature from 77.000ºF (25°C) to 118.22ºF (49,7 °C)! Awesome! over 41°F But What Happen for make this Heat? this is a Dissolution of calcium chloride in the water

Cacl2 : ca+2 ( aq) + 2 cl - 1 (aq)

ok now you all about my instructables go to the all step...But First check my video to see the final result

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ATTENTION: Be carefull when you manage Calcium Chloride, it's aggressive water absorbing properties and can burn your skin.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

My instructables is really simple to do, you need only 3 components

►Calcium Chloride (20-25gr)

►Water (50 ml)

►Two types of Ziplock Bag

Calcium Chloride it's really easy to found in a store, it's use for Dehumidifiers the home or to put on the frozen Sidewalk for melt the ice! You can reuse the liquid for this last method or for kill the rogues.

Step 2: Fill the Bag With the Components!


► now you need the bigger zip lock and put the calcium chloride inside! leave open this ziplock

►fill the little ziplock with the water and seal very well

(in the next step i show you another Awesome method for seal the bag without the "ziplock")

after try vary experiment i think for the best result for ratio is:

every 1 part of Calcium mix 2 part of water.

Step 3: Matrioska Bag!

Now you need another bag for this step (this is for the safety )

Put the ziplock with the water in the bag with the calcium chloride and seal it

Now you Should have the bag with the water inside the bag with the calcium...

Seal this bag and put all the bag inside at another Plastic bag

Step 4: Seal With the Soldering! (OPTIONAL)

This step it's optional,
but with this method you can seal very well the bag and every liquid not escape, in my case my ziplock it's very cheap and the zip is not really good...

I show this method in another Instructables here : How to Seal Plastic Bag

The precedure it's very easy, you need only

Step 5: Now the Best Part!

You only press the little ziplock bag (with the water) and mix the calcium with the liquid.

in only few second you can feel the heat come from the bag!

i mesaured this reaction and this Hand warmer can produce over 41°F (20°C)

after the reaction get off don't waste the liquid because you can recycle :

  1. for kill the weeds from your Garden
  2. for antifreezing liquid

this because this salt in the water create a liquid with freezing point below the zero, You can put over the ice on your sidewalk or your stairs to melt it.

Thank you for your attention and follow me on my social! I leave here my contacts:

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    2 years ago

    How long does it work? for how long it keeps it's temperature?


    Reply 2 years ago

    10 maybe 15 minutes :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. Going to have to try that out. But 20 degrees C is 68 degrees F. Thanks