How to Clean & Maintain Copperwares

Introduction: How to Clean & Maintain Copperwares

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People purchase copperware to make their kitchen gorgeous and attractive. Copperware can transform your dull looking kitchen into a wonderful one. For improving the presentation of your kitchen, copper wares are second to nothing. This is one of the reasons for decorating the kitchen with copperware.

Copper wares demand much care and when you are taking care of copper items well, they will help in preserving the beauty of the kitchen for years. Therefore, it is important to clean the copper utensils properly.

Continue reading to know a few methods to clean and maintain your copperware.

Step 1:


Lemon juice/ vinegar- 8-10 drops (based on the size of the copperware)

Baking soda- 1 tbsp


Take a few drops of lemon juice and baking soda. In the place of lemon juice, you can add vinegar as well. Just mix these two ingredients very well and take a cotton cloth and apply this on copper wares. After rinse properly and leave utensils to dry.

Step 2:


Lemon – half lemon (based on the size and number of copperware)

Salt- 1 tbsp (depending on the number of utensils)


Lemon and salt are always available in our house. Take a half lemon and salt and mix these well. After that, rub the lemon on the whole copperware and then rinse well.

Step 3:


Vinegar- 8-10 drops (based on the size of the copperware)

Salt- 1 tbsp (depending on the number of utensils)


Vinegar and salt- this combination is awesome for keeping copperware clean and attractive. Take a few drops of vinegar and add salt to it. Now, with the help of soft cotton cloth, you can rub this mixture on the copperware. After this rinse the utensils properly.

These are a few tips that will help you keep your copperware clean and glossy. By using these natural products, you can maintain copper wares for year after year. For keeping copper items excellent for years, never use a regular dishwasher, never heat dry copperware, and repair damaged areas. To preserve the aesthetic value of copper wares these are a few things that you need to maintain.

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    Thanks for the tips. I have some pots I need to try this on.