How to Build a Fence.

Introduction: How to Build a Fence.

Have you ever driven out of town and seen a bob wire fence and wonder how they build it? Well today I’ll be going through a step by step process how to build it.


tractor,pounder, wire,post,clips,stretcher,hammer,drill,screws.

Step 1:

The first step is to make sure you mark the areas that you wanna go the opposite direction or where ya wanna put a gate.Be sure the marked areas are lined up with each other so the fence will be straight.

Step 2:

Then next step is to grab a roll of wire and tie the end of the roll to the brace. Then unroll the wire out to a different brace which is lined up to the brace that you tied the wire up to and tie it to there. So, then there would be a guide wire so when you pound your post they will be straight with the brace

Step 3:

Then get a bunch of wood post and metal post.Most people pound three metal post and then one wood all the way down. Then Put them around 6-10 feet from each other.

Step 4:

Then you would have decided how many wires you would want on the fence most people do five or six. From there get however many wires you want on the fence. From There grab one wire at a time and a fence stretcher and connect the stretcher to the wire and connect it on the post and crank it until it gets tight. When it gets tight then grab the wire and wrap it around the brace and tie it to the brace and take the stretcher off. Then do the same thing to every wire. Make sure it is tight enough.

Step 5:

Then get wood staples and nail the wire on the wood post. Then with the metal post you would get metal clips which you would wire them onto the metal post.Then grab wood staples and pound the staples in on the wood post with the wire.Have to make sure that the clips are not to tight with the wire else it might break.

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    2 years ago

    Thats the yanks way . Not good , not enough attention to detail . Spacing is important . You want 3 meters between posts of any kind or a cow after her calf will walk straight through. Two bulls fighting through it will destroy the fence with a wider spacing.
    Thats 10 foot no wider. 5 Strands makes a better fence than 4 and the first strand needs to be 18 inches at least above ground unless there is a special reason to put it lower. That height keeps calves in mostly and stops the morning dew continually settling and in wet grass the wire rusting 5 time quicker. Don't kid yourself the galvanising won't last long.

    In Australia we put holes in wood posts at the appropriate spacing once placed in the ground and pull a wire through with a tractor. That means that the wire can be tensioned again when it becomes slack,and it will in 2 years, More importantly the staple approach rusts the wire at the staple point and wires get hammered too. Trying to retension with staples pulls the poles out of alignment.

    Corner and gate bracing needs extra treatment here . Some sort of fixed separator is used at the top and then the doubled up wire cross brace is taken as low as possible on the corner post itself up to as close to the top of the first fence post and its twisted with a stick in the middle to tighten it up.
    Gates are done the same or notch the post and put a brace down into the ground that the fence will tension against.