How to Make a Stop Motion and Edit It

Introduction: How to Make a Stop Motion and Edit It

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Hey guys this is my first instructable enjoy.

Step 1: Getting Your Things

First you need a camera, a tripod (or books), and toys (or whatever).

Step 2: Getting Things in Place

First you need to get something like wrestlers and a wrestling ring. Then you can start out by placing them where you want it to be. Then you can put a background.

Step 3: Practice

Next you practice before you do it. You can just move your wrestlers around and make it do flips. Now I won't be doing a stop motion ill try to find an old stop motion.

Step 4: Starting Your Stop Motion

Now you get your camera ready then start. You move your wrestler little by little. And then when your about to make your wrestler flip, you can use fishing line to hold it up and not show your hand. This is a hard part but you'll get used to it.

Step 5: Editing

First you upload the photos on your computer. Then go on anything to edit with. I have to use windows live movie maker.

Step 6: Editing

Then you click on the Add videos and photos then click the picture then click the next picture.

Step 7: Editing

You will have to put the time of how fast you want it.

Step 8: Watch How Good It Is

Next you can watch it just in case. If it looks ok upload it to YouTube.

Step 9: You Did It

Now you can watch it when ever you want. If this didn't help try finding a different one or watch a video. Thanks for looking at this one and its my first one but thanks.

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